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Occurred : 1/11/1998 00:10 (Entered as : 01/11/98 00:10)
Reported: 9/7/1999 08:17
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Colorado Springs (north of, on I-25), CO
Shape: Fireball
Duration:15 seconds
A friend and I witnessed a pulsating, intensely bright, fireball near I-25 between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. The fireball broke apart into "three, flaming-orange chunks" northeast of our position on I-25.

A friend and I were returning from Denver to Colorado Springs after attending the Colorado Avalanche vs. Ottawa Senators game. We were driving on I-25, headed South. The night was relatively clear and brisk. The temperature was about 20 deg F and there was fairly extensive snow cover along the interstate. I also believe the moon was prominent on this night because it was unusually light outside for the hour. My friend and I were talking and listening to the radio when, all of a sudden, all hell broke loose. The ENTIRE sky, from the Front Range to the eastern horizon, erupted with a pulsating, incredibly bright, white light. Due to the steep angle at which the object approached us, its speed, and it's approximately S-SW to N-NE flight path (which roughly paralleled our path on I-25), we were unable to observe it directly. In other words, the roof of our vehicle was in the way of our view. However, as the object travelled NE and neared the ground, it came into view out the drivers side window. We then observed the object break apart into 3, flaming-orange chunks to our NE just beyond a series of bluffs (about 5 miles away I would guess), at which point it disappeared. We heard no sound during this event, probably because of engine/road noise and because the car stereo was on. I hate to say this, but my absolute, first thought when I saw the pulsing light was that we were being abducted or attacked by a UFO. My second thought was that there was no way it was lightening (too cold, wrong time of year, clear skies, no storms around, etc, etc.). My third thought was "someone get this damned roof out of my way so I can see what the hell is going on!". And then, I finally realized that it must have been a meteorite which broke apart into at least 3 large pieces. Needless to say, this event was all my friend and I talked about the rest of the way back to Colorado Springs. Once we got to town, we started hearing radio reports regarding what we had witnessed. Apparently, it was a meteorite, complete with sonic bo! om heard all along the Front Range. Regardless of what it was, I will never forget that night and feel privileged to have witnessed (indeed, survived) it from such close proximity.