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Occurred : 8/11/1999 23:07 (Entered as : 8/11/99 23:07)
Reported: 8/26/1999 23:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Ketchikan, AK
Shape: Circle
Duration:7 seconds
saw a bright objet in an area where there is or never has been any thing

im am 60 years very familliar with aircraft.12 years with boeing in law pilot,owns 20 airplanes.i write childrens books and spent lots of time out doors in south east alaska.i know how remote we are and up here we have virtually no night flying by any but comercial 11:07 pm on 8/11/99 iwas sitting on my bed looking north over the city of ketchikan.i was wathching a star that is generaly the first star that i can see.above the star a bright light and i mean bright,appeard.the object was round and probably as big as an infex finger was moving southeast slowly.much slower than an aircraft.i picked up my binoculars and looked ay it and it was so bright it dazzeled like a diamond and gave off white blue light.i watched the object for about 7 seconds and then went out on my deck to further observe and it was gone.i didnt reapeare.2 days later 8/13/99 at approxamatly 8:30 pm in the same area i saw a round object comming twords me .it was silver with a dark center band.visual time maybe 3 or4 turned to the west and dissapeard.well thats about the best i can do.please pardon the spelling.