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Occurred : 8/22/1999 21:30 (Entered as : 08/22/99 21:30)
Reported: 8/24/1999 22:37
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Cave Juntion, OR
Shape: Cigar
A large object on a hill 2miles away that began to rotate and fly disapperared.

It was a beautiful moon lit night while my wife and I along with two of our daughters were traveling from Grants Pass to Brookings Or. on Hwy 199. We had been delayed because of the night time paving that was taking place along the highway between Selma and Cave Juntion. I pull the four door sedan into the Dairy Queen in Cave Juntion and we all went inside. After getting our ice creams we got back into the car and before I started to pull out of the drive way of the Dairy Queen and making a left turn onto the highway I noticed some lights up on the hills that were about two miles away as the crow flies. Teasing my wife I said "Look a UFO". As I continued to look at the object it apeared to me that it was a large house and I commented that "that was a neat place to have a house" since it was at the very top of the hills and looking down into the Illinois Valley directly above Cave Juntion, Or. I remember thinking how big the house was because of what I though were large picture windows with light coming out of them. The object was huge. It appeared to be made of equally narrow bars of light and amber colored bars that were not illuminated. Equal in size and spacing in a horzontial line. Suddenly the object began to rotate counter clock wise in a very smooth fashion, much like a merry go round -not fast. The object then began moving north in a horizontal direction and I instantly knew that it was a UFO. At this point I was stopped in the middle of the Highway though no cars were coming and we were in the middle of town. So I took my eyes off of the object and pulled the car across the street. I did not see what took place next but wife saw the object and it began to stretch out and develope a mist around it, and then just disapperaed while it was still traveling in the same direction. My two daughters who were in the back of the car did not see the event. Of course my wife and I were in shock. We continued to head south on Hwy 199 into California. I had a deep sence that we would see the object again, so I instructed them to keep looking for the object. The area is very hilling and forest on the Coast range in southern Oregon and into Northern California. After traveling for about 15 miles just after the check stop at the Calif. boarder you climb a hill that takes you through a tunnel. As we were approaching the tunnel my wife, and two daughters saw a blue fire ball approach the car at great speed before it banked away. I was driving, and did not hear or see it. I turned around to catch a glimps of it, but it was gone. My question is why did it come after us as their impression of it was that it was behaving in a agressive manner? They will send you the information in another report. On a lighter note, when they woke up the next morning they began to sing the old Monkeys song..."I'm a Believer" <><