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Occurred : 8/2/1999 18:15 (Entered as : 08/02/99 18:15)
Reported: 8/11/1999 01:04
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Utica, NY
Shape: Oval
Oval/egg shaped object, white translucent color observed appearing to hover/vibrate moving slightly to the West. Turned away, looked again-object was gone. Then appeared again moving East at high rate.

I was getting into my car when I heard the sound of a low flying airplane. I looked up to see a single engine plane trailing a banner. This plane was traveling out of the South to the North, and traveled directly over my head. I looked away from the plane, unlocked by car, and then looked back up to the plane which was now turning West. I also noticed another plane flying at an altitude higher than the first and traveling out of the Nortwest traveling Southeast, their paths intersecting momentarily. At this time I noticed the object at an altitude between the two planes, at an approx. 30 degree angle behind the first plane and almost directly below the second. I looked back toward the first plane which was now traveling directly West to try and read the banner it was trailing. Thinking when I first noticed the object it was a reflection, I looked back toward it, the second plane having now traveled out of view. The object was still in the same spot that I first noticed it or very close to it, and it appeared to be hovering but moving slightly to the West. I looked away again, trying to process what I was seeing, and then again looked up. The object was gone from the spot I had last seen it. I gazed the skies to the West and as I was turning my gaze to the East, the object appeared coming out of the West going directly East, moving at a very high rate of speed and out of my view. This object while traveling at such a rate of speed made no sound and produced no contrails. I know of no conventional aircraft capable of such speed and able to move off its original spot in one direction, then change direction, and then accelerate to the speed at which I saw it traveling, in the time that it took for this object to do so, and in the small area of space/sky I was able to see. This occurred on a sunny day, with some clouds in the sky. However, the clouds were the big, puffy "cotten ball" type, not the thin, wispy type.