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Occurred : 6/20/1999 02:34 (Entered as : 06/20/99 02:34)
Reported: 6/29/1999 15:24
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Lathorp (near Manteca), CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 seconds
Lathorp near Mantica 2:34am Sun 6/20/99 driving W on 205 two mi before city limit of Tracy, approx 1200 ft S of 205 FWY I noted a single glowing white global fireball size of a Union 76 gas station ball descending & burning up in atmosphere downwards free-falling in an scythe blade arc pattern from left to right & disappearing behind hills; clear sky, stars very visible, no moon

At approx 2:34 am on Sunday 6/20/99 I was driving West on the 205 in Lathorp near Mantica in Stanislaus County towards Tracy Calif with a passenger who also witnessed the bright glow of a solid object resembling a glowing white fireball free falling to the earth in an scythe/arc like pattern from left to right as it free fell while evidently in the process of disintegrating in the atmosphere. Object was a firey white globe the size of a Union 76 gas station advertising ball and diminished in size and brightness as it fell a vertical distance some 1000 feet, and disappeared behind the hills south of the 205 FWY, 2 miles east of the Tracy city limits. The evening was perfectly clear and still, no moon visible, many bright stars visible; very little traffic on the FWY at the time except a large McDonald's Restaurant supply 18 wheeler vehicle who must have also witnessed the event. There were no colours visible either inside or outside of the (single) object, and no impact was noted (assumed to have burned up before hitting ground); no noise noted, although my driver window was all the way down at the time of the sighting. Did not resemble the normal traverse of a bollide meteor, but seemed rather to be some sort of wreckage free falling from space and distintegrating due to contact with earth atmosphere. Did not seem to be intelligently operated, but in a kind of free fall as it disintegrated. No parts of the object seem to fly off, nor were there any sparks of any kind noticed at any time during the event which lasted a total of 5 (five) seconds in duration. Eyes of both driver and passenger were on the general area of the event prior to the event occurring, nor did either of us turn away during any part of its fall but our attention remained fixed on the object. Only one alcoholic beverage was imbibed by driver and passenger that night, approximately 4 hours prior to the event, and both driver and passenger were of "clear minds" and were fully awake and alert both prior and after the event. No other objec! ts were noted accompanying the object which seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, probably gradually gaining brightness as it fell to earth before disintegrating. Only a slight trail was noticed which quickly evaporated. The trail was a pure white with no colours noted. No camera was available for imprinting the image on light sensitive film as it fell. Duration of event: 5 seconds.