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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/25/1999 22:23 (Entered as : 06/25/1999 10:23 pm)
Reported: 6/26/1999 18:49
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Huntsville, AL
Shape: Oval
Duration:30 SECONDS
A oval shaped object that changed shapes and vanished in thin air.

Approximately 10:23 on June 25, 1999, As I was driving around town late night I notice a big bright light in the sky, at first i took it to be an airplane but as I observed the object more, the object stood at a standstill and was not moving. The object was approximately 2 miles in the air. As I turned the curb driving in my car, I said to myself that I would try to get a closer look at this object. When I got a closer look at the object. The object begin to transform colors, it went from a white ball into an oval shaped object which was red on the outside and orange in the middle. The object then started to move, at first it begin to hoover, and then it raced off so fast that you could only catch it with the naked eye. The object then dissapeard into the sky. The object I know for sure was not an airpland or jet plane, because a jet or airplane could not hoover and one spot and take off so fast.