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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/4/1999 (Entered as : 06-04-99 155.07.50GMT)
Reported: 6/7/1999 00:17
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Florida Panhandle (100-200 mi. E of), FL
Duration:about 10 min
I was watching shuttle flight STS96 on the morning of June 4-5th via sat dish.After passinf FL going out to sea. two objects moved into view then hovered,a third object joined then a bunch of smaller objects movedin from every direction. this went on for about 10 min.

I have been watching shuttle flts for over 10 years.I know all the air to ground lingo and shuttle systems, water dumps,ice, fuel venting ect. I was also lucky enough to have taped the STS80 shoot out live. I went to a brief by Richard C. Hoagland re STS80. What I saw looked exactly the same as the STS80 film! This event took place on orbit 124, MET 07,21,00,14 GMT of 155,07,50. (time hacks via nasa disp) This is the closest time hack poss. The event takes place during the 10 min or so b-4. Shuttle STS96 passes Fl starts going out to sea. About 100 to 200 miles out to sea two objects appear on the low light cameras. they move then goto hover, then a third moves in and hovers with them.I believe these to be large. The camera zoom/ dist to target seems to be the same as STS80 they appeared to be the same size and brightness. a min or two later hand fulls of smaller less bright objects move in from all directions. There is a lightning storm going on and several of the small ones seem to dart in and out of the lightning! Some of the smaller objects appear to move really close to the larger craft. the small ones are moving very fast . In and out of the picture in no more that 2 pause frames on vcr. I have this event on tape and will be willing to send you a copy if you wish. too many things going on at the same time to type here.

((NUFORC: Tape was received. It was viewed by approximately 45 people at the monthly meeting for June, and everyone seemed to find the objects to be quite interesting. NUFORC will apply some analysis and attempt to establish what the objects might be, or cannot be.))