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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/3/1999 19:55 (Entered as : 6/3/99 7:55 p.m.)
Reported: 6/4/1999 00:13
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Thornton, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:8 min.
See below.

Thursday June 3, 1999 Object observed from approximately 7:55 p.m. to 8:03 p.m., Thornton, Colorado While sitting on the back patio of my home with my wife, I gazed up and something out of the ordinary caught my eye — something that stood out from the normal air traffic departing DIA (Denver International Airport, 20 miles SE), and much higher. What I discerned shape-wise was extremely wide and triangular and flying northeast to southwest. Squinting my eyes, however, I could not make out a fuselage. This craft was definitely all wing. (Note: I was wearing my prescription glasses, and with them on my vision is corrected to 20/15 — better than perfect.) The color was either white or gray. For just a few seconds the craft banked (corrected course?) to its left (easterly) and the brightness of the setting sun brightly illuminated its belly during that time. I ran in the house and managed to find my binoculars. I went to the front porch to observe the craft more; however, the it was so high and far away by this time that the magnification provided by the binoculars was inconsequential. I then went to my upstairs window, which looks south, and watched until I lost sight of the craft as it headed generally toward Pike's Peak/Colorado Springs (approximately 100 miles away). * At no time were anti-collision lights observed * Craft was perhaps 30,000 - 40,000 feet high * Two contrails tailed behind * Estimate the craft to be as wide or wider than the wingspan of a Boeing 747 * Though unusual, I feel the craft was definitely earthly in origin owing to the conventional way in which it flew * Craft was probably military, but type and purpose clearly unknown by me * Environmental (neighborhood) noise prevented me from hearing the craft I hereby affirm that the above commentary accurately portrays my observations of unidentified craft sighted June 3, 1999 in Thornton, Colorado. Sincerely, ((name deleted)), member MUFON Occupation: Retirement Counselor Education: AA Religion; BA English; MH Philosophy ((e-address deleted)) e-mail