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Occurred : 6/3/1999 22:10 (Entered as : 6/3/99 10:10pm)
Reported: 6/3/1999 03:07
Posted: 6/23/1999
Location: Mount Shasta City, CA
Shape: Light
While walking dog along RR tracks my brother and I witnessed five fast moving craft in the eastern sky. Several of the craft headed for the Mtn.

Lights which looked just like stars (IE: not blinking) crossed over our visual horizon in the Eastern sky. We observed three commercial jetliners in the same field of vision while we were observing these lights. There is no possible way for them to have missed them. Concurrently we observed almost from the start of our paying attention several lights on the MTN itself that were in places were no vehicles can travel. From the distance we were observing there was in our opinion no way for the lights to be hikers (brightness, weather conditions in the area-high winds, cold temps) As stated three of the moving stars dissapeared on the MTN. two of the moving lights crossed in parallel fashion while a commercial jetliner was headed north. Of the three commercial jets two went N>S, one went E>W OF the five fast moving lights three went ESE>E and disappeared on the MTN The other two went north and south respectively. We were in near complete darkness (very little ambeint light.)((name deleted)), my brother was the one who called in, I am visiting on vacation. I live in Seattle, I listen to Art Bell, I am very skeptical, but the facts remain: we saw exactly this. It is entirely true. I love my privacy, I am willing to talk to you in person or over the phone when I return this weekend but I am guarded about my privacy. You were the first person I thought of. Peace ((two names deleted)) ( I am in agreement with this please call me at home. I have limited internet acsess. 530-((number deleted))