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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/30/1999 18:00 (Entered as : 5-30-99 06:00pm)
Reported: 6/3/1999 02:09
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Lawndale, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 min.
At Alondra Park I looked up at the sky because a small aircraft was flying overhead. I noticed 6 small circle shaped craft, not moving in the sky. They were well above the small aircraft which was a Cessna. I continued to look as long as I could. I then began looking for the child that I came to the park with. After locating her I looked back in the sky and trying to re-locate them in order to show them to other people at the park, however they were no longer there. There is no question in my mind that I saw what I saw.