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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/2/1999 22:00 (Entered as : 05/02/99 10:000)
Reported: 5/16/1999 10:55
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Kingsland, GA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 days
My wife sits out on a regular basis on nice nights and looks at the stars in front of our home. On this night she called me outside to look at what she thought was a peculiar star in the sky. I came outside, looked at it and told her that it was ice crystals far up in the atmosphere causing the effect. I went back inside and within three minutes she had called me back out again. This time the star had moved !! I made sure to look at it from the same location both times so as not to distort my perception of what I was seeing. From our point of view the star/object moved from being over the top of a tree to its side in just a matter of 3 to 4 minutes. I stood and looked at the object for close to 10 minutes. I just to stay in one spot when my wife and I noticed that it was moving out of our line of sight behind the tree. I told her her to keep and eye on it while I got the car keys. We both got into my convertable and headed of in the direction of the object. My wife noticed that as soon as we got into the car the object shot of at great speed to the west. We drove down Hwy. 40 heading towards Folkston looking for the object in the sky. We were halfway between Kingsland and Folkston when I said to my wife that I saw a red light to our left in a clearing as we drove. She saw it but our view was obstructed by a group of trees as we drove more. Within just few seconds my wife and I saw the same red light on the opposite side of the road still above the tree line. My wife started to get scared so I turned around and went back home. It was only upon us discussing the matter when we back home that she told me that she remembered seeing the shape of the object for a brief moment. She said that it did not really occur to her how big the object appeared because she had quick view of it as we were driving. She said that it looked like a pyramid shape. At this point this when I knew we had a bonified sighting. The next night an even more spookier event happened to us. This time we purposely set out see if we could ge! t closer without (detection).(I don't how or why, but my wife and I knew somehow that the craft could sense our attention of it) The second night when we saw that the same star like object was in the same position as the night before we jumped into the car and drove off down Hwy. 40 again. This time we went as far as Folkston and started driving up Hwy 82 towards Tifton. We could not really tell if anymore if the starlike object we had seen was still there so after driving on 82 for 10 miles I started to turn around go back home. As soon as I slowed and turn my blinker on to make a U turn a bright light popped on in the sky above the tree line and to our right. I kept going forward to see it more. As we got closer I could see that the object was passing over the trees directly to our right. The thing that really capped this night for me and my wife was that there were two to three other cars ahead of us stopped on the side of the road with some of the people out of there cars looking at the light as it went by. I raced back in the direction of the light heading towards home. We both lost site of it. On the way back home we got a little lost on one of the back roads but eventually made it back home. We stood in our driveway now at home looking still up into the sky. Before we went in we saw a craft come directly over our neighborhood that made NO SOUND what so ever. Not even wind noise. At the level it was we both said that we should have heard something. The next morning I got up early right as the sky begining to blue. I looked out of our bay window and saw that up in the morning sky at about 75 degrees was a brilliant object just hanging in mid air to the south west sky. I looked on for about 6 to 7 minutes and then just dismissed it as a star I got dressed for work and came back out to Our bay window for another look. It was gone! I told my wife that I think it out there again. I looked for the same object the next few mornings in that same part of the sky and have not seen it since.