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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/15/1999 23:15 (Entered as : 05/15/99 2315*)
Reported: 5/16/1999 10:43
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Massillon, OH
Shape: Light
Duration:30 minutes*
Strobing lights brighter than usual ICAO ident lights.

Object(s) observed on 2 occasions Sat May 15, 1999 (1)approx. 2105L in southern sky app. 20 deg. over horizon from obseration point, residence in Perry Township, Ohio. Object appeared as a stationary bright strobing light alternating/flashing white/blue/red. Object observed for approx 20 min. Object did not move throughout observation. Sky conditions were clear. Stars in field of view did not exhibit similiar strobing, and lights appeared brighter than usual ICAO marker lights of aircraft. Oject size appeared to be slightly larger than the surrounding star field and distant. 1 witness of this event; observer thought object was curious but attributed it to atmospheric phenonema or plane. As observer returned to inside of residence for the evening approx. 2125L object was still visible above tree/horizon line. Observer not mention sighting until Sunday May 16, 1999. (2) second/additional sighting at 2315L in NNW sky approximately 15 deg. above horizon from same observation point, a residence in Perry Township. Object was a stationary bright strobing light rapidly flashing white/red/blue. Object remained staionary throughout observation. Sky conditions were clear, and stars in visible field of view did not exhibit similiar strobing effect. Object was much brighter than nearby stars in field of view. Strobing was brighter/faster than usual ICAO marker lights. 2 Witnesses to this event. Object was observed for app. 30 minutes and remained stationary for entire period. During this observation object was observed through 8 X 40 power binoculars, and the strobing appeared to be a circular, primarily bright white with the blue and red flashes in rotation around the white light. The white light was almost glaring and the object appeared to have a clearly defined/sharp profile, like the light from a lazer pen rather than a flashlight, for example. Observers thought light was curious but attributed to perhaps a blimp or atmospheric phenomena. Observers viewed object until 2345 then returned to residence. One of these observers returned to check again at 0100 and light was gone. There is a regional airfield to the NE of the observation point approx. 5 miles away, and this airfield hosts reserve helicopters. But the object light(s) were unmoving and appeared distant in both the 2105L and 2315L observations, and no rotor blade noise was heard. In fact, no sound was heard at all during either sighting. All observers are long-time residants of area and familiar with air traffic patterns around and over house. Observer of 2105L sighting professional with BS degree currently completing Masters, observers of 2315L sighting (1) degreed ex Air Force Intelligence veteran (2) college bound HS student. Observers discovered mutual sighting event during conversation on morning of May 16th. Observers are familiar with pattern of star motion over residence, and considered if the two sighting were of the same object it was unlikely to be a star or plant, as the object would have had to move south to north. If the observations were of different objects the observers found it curious that other stars/planets in field of view did not exhibit similar strobing effect. And if object was an aircraft then itwas stationary/hovered, and the ICAO markers were about twice the magnitude of those normally observed from passing aircraft. We have had blimps in past years, but the observed strobing was dissimilar to the advertising lights normally seen from them in the past. Of particular curiousity was the fact the the object was completely stationary during observations, and did not exhibit movement as the star field moved. Observers are curious as to what they may have observed; skeptical about supernatural explanation but thought sighting worthwhile for investigation. Will speak with an investigator but have no interest or desire to have observers names/occupations/etc publicized in any way.