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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/13/1999 21:00 (Entered as : 5/13/99 9p-12:30a)
Reported: 5/14/1999 10:25
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Memphis (Century Arbor apartments), TN
Shape: Other
Duration:@3.5 hours
Fiance and I both witnessed separate events where lights began streaking over the skies above our apartment. moving at rapid speed, changing colour, changing shape, disappearing and reappearing.

Upon taking my dog outside, i noticed a strange light hovering above my head, the light sat there for approximatly ten seconds before speeding off in an easterly direction. the light began as a dim white light then it suddenly stopped. the light hovered again for about a second then whizzed back in a westerly direction the light was now a green colour. i thought nothing of this at this time. later at about 9:45 my fiance and i were sitting on the sofa watching t.v. our dog was on the balcony barking and i got up to see what he was barking at. Again there was a light, this time accompanied by two more lights in a triangular formation. i called my fiance over and the lights vanished. About five minutes later my fiance saw a light outside followed by a bright flash of light like cloud to cloud lightening. Taking my dog outside again around 11 pm the lights were still around. This time it was a red light hovering above the interstate. This interstate runs to Nasville so runs from west to east. This light turned a blue colour and rapidly moved back in my direction. I believe that that would be a southerly direction. This blue light hovered above a field across the street from my apartmernt complex. My dog for some reason then raised the hair on his back, put his tail between his legs as if in a defensive posture. He then turned and made for the apartment. Over about the next hour my dog remained on the balcony staring at the sky. The lights flickered on and off for a second at one point but i cannot confirm if the two are related. 12:30 my fiance took the dog out for the last time before bed. She saw what she describes as three headlights, bright cigar shaped lights, hovering almost directly over the apartment building. The lights were bright. It is there that this light remained for the duration of her time outside, about five minutes. None of these lights made any noise whatsoever. The movemnents of the lights were precise and accurate almost like they were flying looking for or at something. the movements were so exact that my fiance, who is a skeptic of ufo's, could not identify the lights as either a plane nor a helicopter. I, not being a skeptic, understand the meaning of "ufo" cannot identify the craft under my knowledge as being a helicopter or a aeroplane. The movemnts were too exact and noiseless.