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Occurred : 4/15/1997 22:00 (Entered as : spring 1997 22:00)
Reported: 5/10/1999 12:54
Posted: 5/24/1999
Location: Lincoln, NE
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 min
On a spring night in 1997 I was sitting in a car at a park with a friend talking. I would periodically look out my window for no reason in particular. At one point looking out the window I saw a bright white sphere definately in our atmosphere. This white sphere was motionless and far larger than any star. Not shocked at this point I told my friend to take a look. He acknowledged it. A moment later the object began to move slowly for ten seconds then rapidly southwest-soon out of sight. We kept looking in the sky after that and a few moments later it all happend again. Seemingly the same craft. And upon recognizing it, it did exactly what I previously described. But this time, possible coincidence, a jet flew toward the S.W. as did the UFO. We talked to each other for a moment and looked back at the sky. We saw what I would decribe as a "simon says" game in the sky(blue yellow red green lights) This was certainly a craft and much larger than the spheres. I started opening my door for a good look, as I did my friend screamed "Oh my god!"and pointed at door. My door slammed shut on me and there were two Schnauzers(dogs) growling scratching on the if preventing me to leave(it worked!) I noticed three more of the SAME dogs over to the left. Two sitting still, one running back and forth histarically in front of the "sitters". the sitting dogs were looking at our car! There were NO owners around we did not see the dogs before the crafts, and I've never seen so many dogs of same breed together unattended in my life! I believe I have had a "screen memory" as described in Whitley Striebers book Communion. Needless to say we started the car and got out of that park right away. The park was next to a highway and residentials, so it would be unbelievable if I had no second witness, but I did. I swear I saw all that I have written here. All of this experience I will never forget, espescially the "dogs"

The first two objects, possibly the same craft were bright white spheres. The third was circular with four lights. each light took approx. a quarter of the bottom of craft. the lights were 1 red, 1green, 1blue, 1yellow. I also saw five dogs that looked exatly the same. The first two spheres were motionless, then after being witnessed for a moment they took off until out of sight. The "simon says" game did the same. Two dogs pounded on my car door, two sat quietly in the distance, one ran back and forth like doing windsprints for football warmups. Three crafts observed, one jet observed, five dogs observed Two object bright white, one red,yellow,blue,green- jet color unknown-dogs grey and white my backround is a 19 year old male raised since three years old in Lincoln NE. I was in high school and since graduated. With interests in poetry, philosophy, art, music and politcal actions. the other witness was a 18yr old now 20 male from Lincoln NE.