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Occurred : 4/30/1999 14:45 (Entered as : 04/30/99 14:45)
Reported: 4/30/1999 16:08
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Findley Lake, NY
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 seconds
Driving my car up the on-ramp onto 17 off of 426... and while making the turn onto the highway (heading west) I saw a perfectly round disk through the windshield, very high in the sky.

The object was high in a brilliant blue sky... and I know this is going to sound wierd but it seemed like it came out of a place in the sky and returned into the sky... only a few increments away. And I mean into... The object was perfectly round and shiny like the radiance of a brand new penny only was about the size of my little finger fingernail. The object seemed to glide effortlessly through this place into the sky. I know that isn't getting the understanding accross but let me try this... in the olden days you use to see these drawing where the earth was drawn in a bubble representing atmosphere... and these aerial items like stars and things were depicted halfway out of the bubble and halfway in...well this craft came out of a place and went just a tiny way and went back in. I was not the only one on the highway but I was the only one on the up-ramp which has a bit of an incline so that my car was pointing into the sky as I approached the highway proper. It happened so quickly that I did not bother to stop... but proceeded awestruck! No sounds were heard... Two jets... almost perpendicular to the location of the craft were visible... they were itty-bitty and heading in a different direction than the craft.(Erie (PA) International Airport is nearby)