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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/24/1999 14:04
Reported: 4/19/1999 23:26
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Indianola, WA
Shape: Unknown
Three bright white lights evenly spaced with a additional flashing red light to the immediate left of the center bright white light. It was traveling over the Indianola area (Miller Bay), toward Saquamish and Bainbridge Island, south-west at 21:19-21:28. There was also a bright white/green white strobe with every third blink of the red light. Quiet and huge in width, height unknown, speed hard to estimate not knowing the height or actual size. It did travel at a constant speed.

Looking out my window in a south-west direction a very large object with lights caught my attention passing over our budding alder tree. I jumped up looked out my window and spotted 3 steady bright white lights lined up in a straight line and evenly spaced to my upper left still moving in a south-west direction overhead. I looked at my watch and it read 9:19pm. The center steady white light had a blinking red light near it and an additional whitish or slightly greenish strobe. The whitish light flashed with every third or so red flash. The red light flashed once every other second or so. I grabbed our W.W.II tank binoculars mounted on a tripod and checked it out. It was really wide, a lot wider and larger than any plane I have ever seen here, I could not establish what the objects shape was, I could only see the line of lights. I ran out onto the balcony and did not hear engines, then I ran back into living room and watching with the binoculars as it disappeared into a long white wispy cloud. There were very few clouds in the south-west sky. I looked at my watch and now it read 9:23pm. I called my wife in San Diego and told her what I saw, while keeping my eyes on the cloud. I thought it had gone, when all of a sudden it reemerged on the far side of the cloud (the south-west side) and made a left turn. I again looked at my watch and now it read 09:28. I followed it with the binoculars until it faded after what seemed to be 3-4 minutes. I forgot to look at my watch this time because I ran into the den, grabbed a compass and ran back into the living room. I established the course heading at approximately 200-210 degrees on the south-west leg from 9:19-9:23pm. When it came out of the cloud at 09:28pm and changed its course to the left, I approximated the left turn to be about 60 degrees. That is a really rough guess. I approximated using existing land marks, my compass, estimated time and the objects diminishing relative size. I am still not sure just how high it was but it was big. There were small plane passing between me and the cloud the object disappeared into and they were really dwarfed in comparison to the width of the line of lights, probably about a 15:1 ratio.