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Occurred : 3/31/1999 00:39 (Entered as : 03/31/99 00:39)
Reported: 3/31/1999 14:47
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Carson (the city of, near L.A. Airport), CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:20 seconds
police helicoter crew see unknown object as it flew at their helicopter and then north at a high rate of speed, out of view.

0039 hours: A Police Helicopter crew, cosisting of one pilot and one observer, working a call in the city of Carson, Los Angeles. The pilot tells the observer, "Hey! You want to see a UFO? Look at that!" The observer and pilot see a orange ball of light in front of the helicopter, heading from west to east at the same altitude. The object is at 2 miles and closing. The helicopter is in right hand orbits over the call at approximately 400 to 500 AGL. The object was moving at a normal speed for the area ( under 200 knotts) at what the crew estimated at around 150 knotts or so. the object was at the helicopters 12 O' clock postion as the nose of the aircraft passed through the west (270- 280 degrees) while in the orbit. the object was moving slower relative to the nose of the aircraft while it continued to orbit. As the nose of the aircraft came to about 360 degrees (north) the pilot began a straight and level flight path. The object was moving across the wind screen from left to right (from 10 O' clock to our 2 O' clock). As it got to the 2 O' clock position, the object changed direction and did a wide right hand orbit to the south.the pilot adjusts the aircrafts flight path puting the object at the 2 o' clock position again. the object then changed direction again, accelerated, and headed directly at the observers door (right side) of the helicopter. Startled, the observer, thinking he was pressing the intercom button, said to the pilot, "Oh SHIT!" as the object came at them. The observer had acually pressed both of the foot switches, activating both the intercom system and the radio transmitter. The object got within about 200 feet of the aircraft and then changed direction again, flying to the north at a very high rate of speed and out of view. The ground units call the office after the crew had landed and wanted to know what happened and why the crew left with out saying any thing but, "Oh SHIT!". They did not see the object. It should be noted that hte object was able to change direction with out any ! type of turning manuver. it just changed direction. If you were to draw its' flight path, you would draw all right angles. the only time that it turned semi-normal was when it started the right hand orbit to the south but even that did not look normal. The movement almost looked like a Hollywood special effect. I hope you don't think I'm a nut but I've been around/involved in aviation for a long time. I've never seen anything like this. The texture, the shape, the movement, the speed changes and the drastic angles all add up to it NOT being anything that I have ever seen. PS I would like to keep my name and agency out of the report but would be more than happy to speak to anyone from your organization that would be interested in this event. It was a bit un-nerving. I was the observer.