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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/8/1999 22:30 (Entered as : 04/08/99 22:30)
Reported: 4/9/1999 06:38
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Granite City, IL
Shape: Light
Duration:25 minutes
One large, orangeish light seen initially during thunder storm. Another similar light appeared a good distance away.

During a severe thunderstorm, I looked out my office window to the West and observed a singular, very bright, orangeish light above the horizon. I have noticed a similar light there before, and thought it to be a planet. However, we were now in the midst of a strong thunderstorm, and there were no other lights to be seen. I went outside to get my binocculars, and to search the sky thouroughly in an effort to verify that there were no other lights to be seen. There weren't, and I became very curious about this one. I went back inside to continue to observe this light. As I was watching, Another light instantly appeared a fair distance away from the first one. This second light was identical in every observable detail. The only exception was that this one began to move slowly upward. It stopped for a while, and then it moved again to left. I was periodically observing this light with my binocculars, and After it had moved as described, it then stopped. Now It seemed to have other features. It seemed to have length, because it had other lights on it that allowed me to discern that it wasn't simply a glowing ball. the first ligh is still stationary at this point. The storm began to subside, and the sky cleared up. I went outside to get a better view. The second object began to "drift" away, until it was out of view entirely. Then, to the right of the first object, another light apeared. Very bright, and it was drifting east, (toward my viewpoint) then it stopped for about 10 seconds. The light that it was eminating was more white than orange, and as I observed it through my binocculars, the light, which resembled a spotlight to me, seemed to become more foccused in my direction, as if the craft was rotating slightly. It then began to move again, and proceeded to fly almost directly over my head. (However, these objects were not close at all, and it was very difficult to view any details) The only description I can give you is that it seemed to be rather long, based, again, on the lights I was observing on the craft. This object "drifted" out of view. When I turned my attention back to the first light, The one I first saw durring the storm, I noticed a much more interesting flying craft: Seen without the binocculars, it very much ressembled the other lights (Bright Glowing Ball) With the binocculars I observed Five lights associated with this craft: It seemed to be a rectangular object, Very large, with white lights at each corner, and a blinking red light in the middle. It seemed to be flying a large holding pattern over an area where there would be no reason to do this. (No Airport) I observed it repeating this pattern twice. Then it disapeared. The first light was no longer vissible when I went back upstairs. I don't know what all of this was, and I realize that it may be very explainable. But I have never observed such a display. I don't know what was hovering about, but I would love to speak to anyone else who saw this.