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Occurred : 11/22/1998 19:32 (Entered as : 11/22/98 19:32)
Reported: 11/22/1998 22:42
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Cheney, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:8 seconds
Driving E on I-90 at approx. mile marker 164 at 6:32 pm PST on car clock, noticed white ball of light moving across night sky from my 11 O'Clock pos. and alerted wife & kids (11 & 13 yrs).We all saw same thing. We were returning to Spokane area after weekend of youth ice hockey in Portland. Possible others behind us saw but will have to ask at next hockey practice.

White ball of intense white light surrounded by faint white light at about 10 deg (one fist above horiz.) w/ green tail, about 1 fist length also, moving from N to S and parallel to our view of the horizon (no arc at all). Event lasted about 7-8 seconds. Object and tail just vanished at our 1 O'Clock position, no fading out whatsoever. Me=USAF Acad. grad w/ astrophysics backgroung, black program experience, USAF pilot and currently fly commercial. This was not an aircraft, not a meteorite, nor anything else I would not be at liberty to discuss. Wife is college grad. Others in van were children (11&13 YO). Intensity of object was approx 1/4 of full moon. Someone else must have seen and hope they have intestinal fortitude to talk about it at next hockey practice. Would not have believed if I did not see myself. Too weird. What looks like this and moves from 11 O'Clock to 1 O'Clock in 7 or 8 seconds then just vanishes? Would like to know. Polar orbiting satellite in decaying orbit would also not fit what we saw and that was my best guess.