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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/17/1998 18:30 (Entered as : 11/17/98 18:30)
Reported: 1/10/1999 03:40
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Chico, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:6 Minutes
I was surprised to noticed a large black triangular-shaped-wingless object cross the road directly in front of me flying about twenty feet from the ground.

I was travling northbound on Hwy 99. The road curved ahead of me and it was at this moment when I noticed what I thought to be a falling star. I glanced at this object briefly and then turned my attention back on the road. Out of curiosity, I looked back to where I first noticed the object and did a doubletake when I noticed that it was still their. Not only was it still their, but it appeared to be even closer than before, and I was given the impression that it was travling at an enourmous volacity. As I observed this object with a keen interest, I noticed a long blue contrail behind it. This contrail appeared similar That of NASA's proposed Ion propolsion system, exept for one thing; their now appeard to be what resembled orange fireballs shooting out the back of this object, and through the contrail. This was very unsettling because I thought I was witnessing an airborne tragedy, A plane on fire, plummeting to the ground. Indeed this object appeared to be loosing altitude with great abandon, and I was surprised once more to see the object bank hard and change directions approximately 180º's changing from a South-easterly direction to more of a North-westwardly direction. The object's speed increased greatly after It had modified its waypoints. I past an orchard and momentarily lost site of this object. I thought that was the last that I would see of this object, until it the road directly ahead of me flying about twenty feet from the ground. The triangular object was now flying very slow, and its distinct triangular form was highlighted by small red lights along what appeared to be the sides of the object. These small red lights were alligned in rows along two opposite sides of the object. Their were three small bright white lights, one on each corner of the object. In the center of the object was a large red glowing light about three feet in diameter, not typical of any aircraft I know of. It crossed the highway heading twords an open residential area with many houses. I crossed over a bridge and tur! ned off of the highway onto a small sidestreet. My investigative nature becconed me to fallow this object, which is exactly what happened. I was driving along the small sidestreet, and the object was positioned completely parellel to me. I clocked it with my speedometer, it was travling at approximately 25 MPH. I rolled down my window to observe the sound which I was sure an object of this proportion (about 60 feet long) would make flying at such a low altitude. I was stunned as I concluded that this object made absolutely no sound. It did not rumble or make any vibrations. I could not hear the wind whistling through its wings, because it did not have any. I lost site of the object as it again changed course and ducked below the tree line. With the information which I was able to acertain from this encounter, I can conclude that what I observed was not an airplane. It was certainly an object, It was flying, and I failed to identify it with any object which I am familiar with. It is with sound mind and being, that I certify everything stated above as truth, and the facts stated heriegn reflect the best of my knowledge and recolection of this encounter.