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Occurred : 11/1/1998 23:59 (Entered as : 11/01/98 24:00)
Reported: 12/29/1998 12:24
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: West Bend, WI
Shape: Light
the night before art bell left the airwaves when there was a major sighting in lower michigan. 2 lights traveling very fast to that area

the night before art bell left the air waves. 2 friends and myself had seen 2 lights screeming across the sky in the direction of ann arbor MI. I have been raised around aircraft my whole life. and i know what aircraft of all kinds look like on the ground in the air during the daylight and at night. however this looked liked an incadescent light at aprox. 30,000 ft. traveling at aprox. 900-1200 mph. the 1st one came from the north/west going to the south/east. the 2nd one was to the south of our position going from the west to the east at the same speed, on an intercept course with the first. which the actual intercept I would est.over ann arbor MI. I am also a truck driver so i know my position in relation to any other in the country..