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Occurred : 11/2/1998 05:53 (Entered as : 11/02/98 5:53 p.m.)
Reported: 12/27/1998 17:37
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Caledon (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:3 minutes
"Two Craft",strobe light effects,the ability to ; hover ,turn at right angles ,disappear ,reappear , accelerate quickly ,lose altitute at tremendous speeds

On Hwy#10 north in the west sky . I noticed two strange craft in the sky .I asked my girlfriend to pull the car over. We got out and viewed for three minutes two craft that were flashing like strobe lights.They started out hovering together, then , each craft took one turn at some sort of a flight pattern.While one craft hovered , the other would fly extremly fast across the horizon where it instantly turned at a right angle, then flew quickly across the sky in that direction while at the same time losing altitute , then it disapppeared instantly. Afew seconds later it appeared in the sky in another location. Then it flew across the horizon back to the other stationary craft. Then the stationary craft did a similar flight pattern to the first craft ,while the other remained stationary. When the second craft had finished its flight pattern , both craft hovered together for a few seconds and then before our eyes without a blink they both diappeared. Each craft was a light like a strobe light doing spectacular flight patterns.Both craft were completely silent with no exhaust trail . Due to the brightness of the strobe type lights there was an aura or haze around them, a glow.