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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/19/1995 23:00 (Entered as : 04/19/95 23:00-4:00)
Reported: 12/21/1998 01:15
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Lake Sullivan, ID
Shape: Light
Duration:5-6 HRS. APPROX.
((This is the third of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questions I'll be glad to answer if I can. If anyone has any further information or explanation on them I'd appreciate a reply. I've copied these experiences from a past journal.))

My husband and I took abother day trip out to the mountains just 10 minutes from the Canadian border...this time we'd brought along a video camera, tho it was running low on juice. Leter that afternoon, we ended up crossing the beautiful and scenic Lake Sullivan to Pend Orielle motel, ~ a two floor building with maybe 8 to 10 rooms per floor, possibly a couple more. It's a small place tho. He went and got a room for us and we went in to relax and chill out for the night. Our room had been on the upstairs end, facing the water. Other homes surrounded its banks around the left side. We ate, had showers, then relaxed zoning on tv. Somewhere around 10:30 (the news had just ended), I glanced outside thru the balcony doors and noticed a big bright light in the sky. I thought little of it and absently assumed it had been a jet heading our way and would soon fly over. I didn't consider Venus or anything because it was entirely too big and too low, and had definite cloud cover behind it. (After Moses Lake, that was something I learned to look for!) Awhile later, closer to midnight, I happened to glance out again and noticed the light was still there. It hadn't moved. Curious, I went outside onto the balcony to have a better look. It was low in the sky and hovered soundlessly over the water. It was a bright white light and round, did not move. It was too high to have been a shore light, which were all a yellowish color, and too big and low for a planet. It clearly wasn't a plane, jet, or chopper. It hadn't moved in several hours. Almost 6 in all that I'd watched it. It came to me to videotape it so I grabbed the camera and was able to capture it on film for maybe 60-70 seconds before the battery died. I kept an eye on it until nearly 4am before I finally slept. I didn't see it the next morning when we left. Later that evening when we were home and I checked the tape, it zipped thru pretty fast and it was hard to make out what it might have been. Fortunately I was able to capture the shoreline and lights for reference as I panned upward to the light in the sky. On the tape the light is white...dark skies, cloudy, and faint star points vague in the background. Because it zipped thru too quickly, I decided to run it on slow mo and was pretty stunned at the discovery. I'm no expert on lights so can't say for certain if lights do this...however NONE of the house and shore lights did this at all; they remained steady. The light in the sky would completely disappear off the screen for several frames and return for several, disappear again...and return, for the duration of the segment. At regular speed it's steady and "on", as are the shore and house lights. At slow mo speed, only the light in the sky disappears for several frames, "off", and on again. Also, the stars vague in the background do not disappear either. I have no idea. I still have the tape. I've wanted to have it analized for awhile but was afraid to make a copy in case it didn't do it on a copy, but was also unwilling to let go of the original because I might never see it again. Anyone with suggestions please contact me. *** I have posted the other events here also. Look for: 1. MOSES LAKE WASHINGTON MARCH 23, 1995 2. SPOKANE/FORD INDIAN RESERVATION WASHINGTON APRIL 1995 4. PLAIN DEALING LOUISIANA JANUARY 1996 5. OIL CITY LOUISIANA JANUARY 1996 6. OIL CITY LOUISIANA APRIL 1996 7. SOUTHERN BOSSIER PARISH MARCH 1997 8. LAKE POWELL ARIZONA AUGUST 1997 There have also been a series of bizarre "injection dreams" that preceded these events, but also happened after them. Since this isn't a forum for that, I can supply details for anyone interested, or who might have a reasonable explanation; I also feel these might be connected.