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Occurred : 12/10/1998 01:00 (Entered as : 12-10-98 1:00 a.m.)
Reported: 12/12/1998 06:43
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: I-81 (northbound between mile marker 34 to 38 aprox.), TN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 min.
UFO hovered over my vehicle while traveling on I-81 , late at night.

Traveling on I-81 North heading home. No traffic around. A triangle shaped object hovered over my vehicle, just about 20 feet above my car. I slowed to a stop on the interstate. I thought it was a helicopter. I got out of my car, the object, which was shaped like a triangle, traveled about 100 feet in front of me, which was over the woods. It did not make a sound, then in about 3 seconds drifted upward, then vanished. It had 3 or 4 lights, but they were extremely bright, and the outside layer of the craft was a washed metallic/light metallic.. sorry hard to describe.. when it took off I thought I heard a hum, slightly. Also I had static electricity on my body.