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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/17/1995 03:15 (Entered as : 10/17/95 03:15)
Reported: 11/25/1998 01:50
Posted: 1/28/1999
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Shape: Other
Duration:2-3 minutes
noticed light out of place on way home approached the object was elliptical in shape almost lika football i was apprxmtly 15 yards from was orange and yellow tranlucent in texture.ultra silent hovering about 15 feet off ground turned and shot horizontally 2miles off shore in a millisecond and stopped dead.truly amazing technology

i was driving home with a friend it was 315am not a cloud in the sky.i live near the beach and was traveling a road parralel to it.when inoticed alight out of place,as i got closer my view was obtructed by trees.intrueged ipassed my usual turn to investigate.what i saw was a 15-20 ft. long elliptical or football shaped objest hovering or freind and i in awe stepped out of the car for a better wasnt a solid color it was the orange and yellow like the looked as if you could place your arm through it.a swirling changing moving paint job.something ive never seen before or anything close hard to compare was facing north south then turn45 degrees tilted and drifted15feet to the right stopped sat for moment.then in the blink of an eye the most mind boggling display advanced technology i oor my friend have or will ever see . It shot about 2 miles horizontally in a millisecond and stop on a dime .and just sat there and looked like a star in the distant sky. it traveled so fast ther was not even a blurr or trail and made not a sound.