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Occurred : 5/1/1995 21:00 (Entered as : 05/01/95 21:00)
Reported: 11/5/1998 05:32
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Sun Prairie, WI
Shape: Cross
Duration:2 minutes
Apparent cross shaped object seen in sky near Madison, Wisconsin.

I'm not exactly sure on the date of this 'encounter,' as many years have past and my memory is not as presice as it once was. But to the best of my knowledge, it was an early summer night, probably April-June of 1995, I was on my way to a store, on the back roads of Sun Prairie. I was at stop sign with a road to the left, HWY C, and my road continuing straight to HWY 151. I saw an object hovering towards me, off to my left, very slowly with no sound. As it got closer, it almost seemed to hover above the telephone lines, how high, I'm not sure. It had a cross-like appearance, I can only say this because of the 4 directional lights I saw in a cross shape, it was too dark to see an actual outline of the object itself. I also believe there to be a circular red light on the bottom - center of the object. To my immediate left was a corn field. After observing the object for a short time, perhaps a minute or two, I turned left and slowly started to leave, as I began moving, the object did as well. It moved off in a NW direction, I believe, away from me and into the cornfield, apparently getting higher as it went. Before I knew it, it was gone. I didn't see any fast take off or anything of the sort it just sort of.. slowly disappeared into the night. I had never seen nor heard of anything even remotely close to this, until stumbling upon this site. I had this form filled out once, and backed out of submitting it, and continued browsing.. I found another sighting, in Puerto Rico, if I remember correctly, that was frighteningly similar.. so frightening in fact, I've yet slept tonight. :P In any case, that really pushed me to go ahead and submit this.. 'sighting.' I'm also going to e-mail a very rough computer graphic I made of the, again, rough shape I believe I saw. I made this a year or so after the incident, since my knowledge of computers at the time was extremely limited. Again, this is a very rough drawing, but I believe it conveys the basic message.