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Occurred : 10/27/1998 03:32 (Entered as : 10/27/98 0332)
Reported: 10/27/1998 07:11
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Newport, TN
Shape: Circle
Duration:1 sec.
While traveling East on I40, between Newport, Tn. and Ashville, Nc. I saw an object streak across the sky. The weather was clear. The stars were bright. The object I saw was like a round globe, dull white, in color. The strangest thing about this object was, it did not have a tail . That and the color. It was almost transparant. You could clearly see the shape. But the middle was a dull white. I have never seen a comet, meteor, or anything else, that did not have a tail behind it. I would be intrested to know if any one else reported this. The object was traveling West To East.