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Occurred : 10/22/1998 23:40 (Entered as : 10/22/98 23:40)
Reported: 10/23/1998 05:33
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Newtown Square, PA
Shape: Oval
Duration:3 Minutes
Shape was rounded but slightly elongated with slight fin-like sides. Moving very slowly: not stationary like a star but too slowly to be a plane. Very "pure" white light, no color. Circular lights covered it,reminicent of honeycomb...separate and destinct, not interlocking. Shape was too round to be an oval but not a circle.

Coming out of work last night we happened to look upward and saw the above mentioned object. My friend saw it simultaneously and jokingly asked if it was a UFO. It moved very slowly yet was not stationary. I commented that if it was..."Beam me up, Scotty. There's no signs of intelligent life here." We laughed about it and didn't give it a second thought. However in retrospect it defies logical explanation in terms of a conventional aircraft. We both work at a retirement community as a nurse (myself) and a nurses' aide. The above description is as accurate as I can be except for the "fins" on the side...they were more like jug handle in shape but not separate from the actual body but tight against it and also covered with lights...barely destinct from the body of the object but noticable due to the shape not being a continuous oval/circle becase of them.