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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/26/1998 10:15 (Entered as : 06/26/98 10:15 PM)
Reported: 8/9/1998 05:26
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Trumann/Jonesboro, AR
Shape: Other
Duration:1 hour 45 mins
There was a full moon this night, so the shapes were very easy to make out. Circular, rectangle,,and diamond were the smaller ones. The 3 smaller crafts remained in their positions,hovering. The 4th one, shaped & the size like the Stealth flew very low, tree top level. It moved at a very high rate of speed, stop, and hover, make a 90* turn and move again. Very bright flashes occured when it would stop, like a camera flash. It flew over our car 2 times, but seemed most interested in the farmland and stock. Arriving home we saw the same occurrance taking place over the western section of Jonesboro. The smaller craft were moving this time. They would move straight up into sky, stop, turn, and fly back toward the ground. This lasted approx. 45 mins. Then a large light, like a giant headlight appeared in the sky and the smaller craft flew to it and disappeared. The large light went out and 2 rows of lights could be seen. They were blinking without a pattern. Then the large craft shot straight up into the sky and disappeared. Several people reported seeing the "light" show in the sky the next day. I have seen things in the sky before that were unexplainable, but it was by far the most interesting and by far the most conviencingI have ever witnessed.

Smaller crafts: We could see their shapes due to the full moon. One was like a ball shaped, had steady lights on the top, bottom and around the mid section. The rectangle one, appeared to be the size of refrigater box, 1 blinking light on one end, it was the farest away from us. The diamond or hexagon shaped one was closet, it was hovering, would spin in place, and had steady lights on several points and had one larger blinking light on the what we called the top. They were in an area of approx. 3 acres of land. We laughed at first sight, thinking the National Guard from Little Rock, AR probably were out with infra red camera trying to search out the pot crops, because the objects were hovering. Then the larger one appeared out of no where! It 's shape was like the stealth bomber, almost bird like. Flashing lights on the nose, tip of each wing, and 3 lights on the tail. It flew faster than anything I have ever seen, stop on a dime, hover, turn, and take off again. A very bright flash occurred each time it stopped. This was in a rural area just off the Hwy. 63 in Trumann, AR. My friend thought I was kidding at first, she then stopped the car and watched. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. We watched for approx. 20 mins. We then started getting spooked and drove on to Jonesboro, AR, where I live. This is approx. 15 miles away from the first sighting. Upon arrival I told my husband what we saw. Of course he laughed at us. But after seeing our faces, he stopped. We then went outside and we saw a very large light in the western sky, looked like a headlight on a train engine, very bright. It was approx. 2 miles west of my home and it hovered above the tree line for approx. 30 mins. Then 4 sets of blinking lights appeared in the sky and one at a time flew to the large light. Upon the arrival of the last one the large light turned off. Then 2 rows of blinking lights appeared. The lights were amber, white, red, blue, and blinked in no pattern, just ramdon. Then boom, it shot staight up in the air to the heavens and disappeared. I check through out the night and never did see anything else. The next day and even all the next week several people stated they saw the light show in the sky that Friday night.