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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/20/1993 23:30 (Entered as : 08/20/93 2330)
Reported: 9/14/1998 13:43
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Lancaster (Saddleback Butte Park), CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
there was a meteor shower that we went to watch at the park. three triangle shaped craft passed by 500 - 1000 feet overhead

I was working at air force plant 42,site 4, on the B-2 bomber in Palmdale, ca. I went with friends to watch a meteor shower in the desert. It was late at night and we could hear normal night desert sounds. We were all watching the falling stars when one person noticed lights slowly approaching. As the lights neared us we saw three triangle shaped craft flying in a triangle formation. The craft were (RAM?)black, with three lights on each one. I do not remember which lights were red and which were white, but each craft had red and white lights on the 3 points. The craft were 500 to 1000 feet above us as they went past. They were moving at about 350 mph judging by how low they were and how long it took them to pass. They were completely silent, as they passed we still heard the desert night sounds. there were no car engines running or lights on,(so I do not know if they would have had any effect on them,) as we were all watching the sky. Most of us they worked at the air force plant and held security clearances, but none of us had ever seen any craft like that before. We were all used to watching fighters and bombers fly by, so were used to judging aircraft size and speed. We had never saw an aircraft that was a perfect triangle float past us at 350 mph though! They flew/floated overhead and vanished in the distance. The profile of the craft were very low. We saw the light before we saw the craft and the craft outline vanished before the lights disappeared. We were used to seeing F117 fighters, and these were not shaped like them. I worked briefly on the first F22's and they were not flying yet. Besides, both of these craft make a lot of noise and cannot glide that long and that low without power. This craft was powered by magnetics or atomic/nuclear fuel. There was no exhaust vents visible on the trailing edge of any of the three craft. It was probably 11:30 at night and as they passed no heat from them distorted any stars behind them as they passed. I heard of Art Bell seeing a single triangle craft abou! t the same time, or a bit after we saw these three. The artists rendition of his craft on his web page makes the craft way to big. They were all three the size of an F15 or F16, not any bigger than that. I realize this happened in 1993, and it is now 1998, but I told the story to people I worked with when I was transferred from Palmdale to Everett, Wa. Those people could vouch that I told them about it in 1993. Besides, I did not know who else would care, as it was not the classic round ball of light or flying saucer sighting, and we did not have any camera's.