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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/15/1995 21:30 (Entered as : 2-15-95 21:30)
Reported: 6/1/1998 03:45
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Lyndhurst, OH
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 MINUTES

oN 2-15-95, 21:30 hours, we heard a loud, rumbling roaring overhead. This did not suprise us as an airport is nearby, and similar jet sounds are heard from time to time. However, this sound continued well into three minutes, getting louder and louder, unlike any plane that passes by. I looked out the westeren window of my family room and saw three blue-white strobing lights about 30 degrees above the horizon, in a pattern which I will represent with an astrix and two periods:

( * . . )

The lower two lights would strobe together while the upper left light was off, then the upper left would strobe while the lower two were off, doing so within one second intervals. The sky was grey overcast, tempeture about 23 degrees. I then noticed that the lights were stationary. At arms length, the length of the formation was approximatel;ly eight inches. I called my wife in to view the lights. She agreed that they did not look li! ke any plane she ever saw before, and why was it stationary? I opened the window and noted that the roaring noise was comming directly from the object, but there were no visable exhust jets or any obvious source for the soise. Through 7x35 binoculars, the lights appeared similar to aircraft strobe lights, but very intense. No shape or outline of any kind was detected. As I watched, the formation seemed to be moving extremely slowly to the west, at a speed of perhaps only a few feet per second, barely noticable. I watched for 9 minutes before it dissapeared behind the rooftops. Just before it did, the light on the left moved or rotated towards the center light, almost merging, then returned to its original position.

I imimediately called the Cuyohoga county airport tower, (i had the number due to other problems) and asked if any military craft were in the area, or a blimp, or anything like that. The reply was negitive. I called Cleveland Hopkins airport and obtaind the same comment, but they recommended I contact the FAA the next day. This I did, and the woman on the phone who took my report stated that a man had called in from Huron Ohio that same morning to report a jet that had been so low and loud, it brook several windows. Huron is due west from my home if you draw a line to it, and this was the direction the lights headed. My mother also heard the roar, and, although hard of hearing, went from window to window looking for a truck or something, but never looked up. She lives directly west of us on the same line. We are self employed professionals, and I am an armchair astronomer and avaition buff, so I am fimiliar with various types of craft and celestial events. This did not match any known objects or! vehicles. Nothing was reported in the news.