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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/17/1998 08:10 (Entered as : 5/17/98 8:10 PM)
Reported: 5/19/1998 16:51
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Belle Vernon, PA
Shape: Other
Duration:40 min.
Explosion of a bright white very high flying "Torroid" shaped craft.

Dear Sirs, Since I assume that you are the agency responsible for monitoring the airspace over North America I would like to report the following. On Sunday evening May 17, 1998 my wife and I and a friend and his wife wittnessed the explosion of what appeared to be a very high flying aircraft. It was located in a N-NW direction from Belle Vernon, PA at about 70 degrees elevation. We watched the object, which was more of less stationary (we had no real reference), from 8:10 PM until 8:50 PM. At that time I witnessed the object explode leaving a cloud of debris which consisted of many small fragments and one larger "dark red ball" which a few seconds later, split into two smaller fragments. The general apperance of the aircraft was that of a "glowing torriod" with the center being darker than the outside. If you have any information I would appreciate your letting me know what it was that we saw. Please feel free to E-mail me if you desire additional information regarding the event.