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Occurred : 3/20/1998 21:46 (Entered as : 03/20/98 21:46)
Reported: 3/20/1998 22:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Kearney, NE
Shape: Triangle
Duration:aprox 20 sec
Going west to east. No sound. No lights. Illuninated by city glare. Alt. unknown. Straight overhead. Width, 2.5 fingers at arms length. (Thickness of fingers).

9:46 pm, Mar 20, 1998. I went out side to get something out of my truck and heard Geese flying over. I was looking up, blocking the house lights so I could see better. Some times when geese fly over at nite in the dark you can spot them in the city lights glare. As I looked somewhat to the west I thought I saw some comming over me going east. But as the lights from town hit IT, I could make out a perfect triangle. For a few seconds I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me and it was really a flock of geese flying back to roost for the nite. But the harder I Iooked, the more I realized it was a solid shape, not a "V". It looked dark gray or black with only reflected light illuminating it. It continued east untill it was out of the glare of the city. I continued to watch that direction to see if it blocked out any stars momentairly, but it didn't, (that I could tell). When it was directly overhead, it didn't pass over any brite stars, to block them out. I couldn't tell how high it was but it was 2 1/2 fingers long. That is, the thickness of my fingers at arms length. There were comercial jets in the area at their crusing alt. but I suspect this UFO was way lower then them because one finger could easily block them out. Not 2 to 3 like the UFO. This is about all I saw. Just here a few second...then gone.