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Occurred : 6/18/1998 18:45
Reported: 3/20/1998 06:31
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Narcoossee, FL
Shape: Light
Heard on the local news a report regarding a possible UFO witnessed 3/17/98 in a small community S.E. of Orlando FL, called "Narcoossee". Witnesses reported a "bright light" that lit up the sky & one resident/witness related that the event actually "scared" 11 chickens to DEATH! NOTE FOR INVESTIGATORS: Local Orlando TV, CH.9, an ABC affiliate, has a copy of the 911 call concerning this event, it was aired on the 11pm news broadcast, 3/18/98. Authorities assume "someone was possibly shooting flares...", according to the news report...... ***************************************************************** UPDATE: Narcoossee, FL event of 3/17/98 According to ABC News affiliate, Channel 9 TV, Orlando FL, the "Bright Light(s)" experienced by numerous witnesses on the evening of 3/17/98, was due to "Test Flares" launched at the Avon Park Bombing Range. HOWEVER.....if one looks at a map, one can easily see that the distance from the Northern edge of the Avon Park Range to the town of Narcoossee is in EXCESS of 50 miles! HOW are they (whomever THAT may be!) "testing" flare-launches from Avon Park with the flares dropping over 50 miles away to the North?! ****************************************************************** ADDED NOTE: According to Ch 9 sources, the "testing" would continue for "the next several nights". (Additionally, I Emailed the TV Stations Programming Director & asked them to explain why flares launched from Avon Park Boming Range would be landing in Narcoossee, 50 + miles to the north! Also, one would assume that in "testing" said flares, PART of the test would be to view the flares lighting "effectiveness"......therefore I asked CH 9 TV to send a Film Crew to observe & report how/why the tests were going by observing govermental workers that by all rights SHOULD be in the vicinity of Narcoossee, or any potential landing area to document the results of any "test launch". I ALSO asked the TV station in my Email if having HOT Flares, buring brightly enough to have one resident blame them for the deaths of 11 chickens, drop on unsuspecting, populated areas such as Narcoossee, did not constitute a risk (duly warranted?) of fire/damage/injury/death from fires that WOULD occur if said flare(s) were to easily land on a residential/commercial/occupied structure.......I have not had a reply to that as yet.