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Occurred : 11/28/1997 19:30 (Entered as : 11/28/97 1930hrs)
Reported: 12/3/1997 09:50
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Lake Geneva, WI
Shape: Fireball
Duration:abt 1 hr
Summary : Follow-up to article in Chicago Sun Times 12/3/97 re "Fireball" in Will Co, Illinois 12/30. Saw similar in Lake Geneva, WI 11/28/97 around 7:30pm. Appeared to be an elxposion or electrical fire; presented with a huge red-orange glow that pulsated and flickered, but without sound. Saw no craft, but noticed three electrical surges during this time period. No reports of downed aircraft, substation fires or explosions to local authorities. If you saw any similar display please report it here.

After finishing dinner 11/28/97, a friend and I were watching TV in a condo on Lake Como near Lake Geneva Wisconsin. There were suddenly three power surges/interruptions in rapid succession, but without any sound of explosive nature. I got up to check out the electrical system, and noticed a huge pulsating red-orange glow to the northeast appearing to be just beyond the tree line near the lake. However, no sound could be heard only the strange pulsating, flickering red-orange glow. We went out to the balcony, but could not determine any more about the visualization. We heard only one distant siren, but observed several autos heading down our cul de sac and on the roads nearby. So we apparently were not the only ones to see this occurrence. Since the weather was inclement, we did not got out to pursue this any further. Unfortunately, we did not report this event to local authorities either. I have since called the local police, but without any result. I have contacted the Sun Times reporter in hopes of discussing his article and what we saw. Possibly there is some reasonable explanation, but it seemed to be very strange and unworld-like! The sighting in Will Co Illinois on Sunday 11/30 had similar characteristics. The observer, a local businessman and pilot, reported seeing a brilliant "fireball" about the size of a full moon descend straight down form the clouds at about 125-150mph. Within 20 seconds it disappeared. Authorities could find no evidence of any downed craft or debris. Our experience was similar except that we saw no object/craft/etc and the color display lasted for about one hour. The pulsating/flickering reached intensities that almost totally illuminated the night sky; then suddenly it would stop, start up again, vary in intensity, then flicker and pulsate wildly! All without any sound! My first impression was of some sort of electrical fire/explosion, space debris, a meterorite, or possible a UFO! This event was witnessed by two adult males, approximately 50 years old, ! who had not been drinking, taking drugs, or otherwise mind altered! One is a business man, the other(myself) a medical professional and student pilot. This seemed too bizzare an incident not to report to someone; maybe you can shed some light on all this!!