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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1981 17:00 (Entered as : 1981 17:00)
Reported: 11/22/1997 20:21
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: The Dalles, OR
Shape: Fireball
Summary : Ball of fire moving up the Columbia River. Just made a "B" line. No sudden movement

Was just turning dusk. Summer of 1981. I looked up in the sky and saw a ball of fire moving up the Columbia River Gorge. I ran in the house to tell others, they too came out to see fire ball. My friend was also with me. I called the radio station and they said that it was a weather ballon. (Yah right!) We didn't have a camera which I wished I did have one. All I have is memories of the fire ball that movied horizonally up the River and out of sight, never burning out. It made NO noise what so ever.