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Occurred : 5/28/1997 21:00 (Entered as : 05/28/97 9:00pm eastern time)
Reported: 7/20/1997 11:04
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Urubamba (outside Cusco, Peruvian Andes) (Peru),
Shape: Light
Duration:few seconds
Summary : A fast moving "body of Light" sweeps over us as we star watch in the Sacred Valley of the Incas outside Cusco Peru at an elevation of l0,000' The night was clear, cold and very dark (no moon). The "Light" was seen coming from the southwest directly over a 600' peak just in front of us. It was bright white and seemed to have mass, but no structure was perceived by the two witnesses. It was approximately a half mile in width and moving at a "very high speed" ...

I had been asked to build a "walking meditation garden maze" for a large resort in the Peruvian Andes. Upon completion of the maze I invited the owners and a friend for a small ceremony to dedicate the Classical 7-Path Labyrinth to the healing and well being of our planet Earth. It was the last few days of late May around 9pm in the evening on a star lit clear night, no moon. Following the short dedication ceremony the four of us stood watching the heavens, Maria del Carmen and I faced the sacred mountain "Yawar Maki" which juts up from the Urubamba river a few feet from where we stood. She and I were looking up over the peak at the Southern Cross when suddenly a "large body" of fast moving light sped directly over our heads. In fact both of us almost fell backwards as we followed the light with our heads craning backwards. Across the sky overhead it moved and then just disappeared into thin air. The two men were looking in the other direction and by the time they hea! rd our squeals and looked in our direction, the body of light has completely disappeared. The entire event took not more than a matter of seconds. This was neither airplane or lightning, this we know, what is was through is still to be known. The creation of this particular Labyrinth is as a healing center for tourists and pilgrims visiting the ancient sacred sites in this area of the Andes. In myth and folklore, the Labyrinth traditions tell of many unusual stories such as that of Scandinavian sailors who would use the labyrinth in a form of sympathetic magic to control the weather. It is also energetically linked with the seven major energy centers in the bodies auric field, the tones on the scale, and the 7 primary colors in the rainbow. Unusual phenomena has been recounted in relation to the labyrinth for the past 3,500 years and in fact the act of walking a labyrinth still seems to draw transformative events to the practitioner. I and maria del Carman both feel thi! s ususal "event" and our walking and dedication somehow are united. I have never seen a UFO but I came away from this experience feeling like I had seen something I could not explain by conventional terms. Both Maria del Carmen and her husband, a famous British journalist recounted several sightings during the past year and a half they've owned the hotel and lived in this part of the Andes. They tell me these type stories are common and knowledge of "craft" is widespread and seen by many. In fact, a lake just over the peak we had stood in front of called "Chequerec" is known locally as the "UFO Lake" and for the past l00 years (and probably more) stories have been told of craft coming and going from the lake and tales of "little green men" etc. After this experience I asked around to the native people, the Quechua. Everyone had a story which was usually told in a matter of fact demeanor as something as natural as the sun coming up each day. Another Indian friend that I ! would describe as being educated, soft-spoken and extremely low profile, and who'd lived many years at the ancient site of Machu Picchu recounted a story. He claims to have seen up to l7 "ships" on one night last November 1996. As he told it, he was guiding an American woman into the sacred ruins late after midnight (which is allowed with special permission) when they both witnessed a litany of unusual "lights" above and around the old city. He said he's not seen anything of this nature in the past seven years, and believed that they'd (the star people) returned. This site has been known in local lore to be a place of intense UFO phenomena throughout the ages.