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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/14/1997 01:35 (Entered as : 03/14/97 1:35)
Reported: 6/28/1997 14:34
Posted: 1/28/1999
Location: Dunnellon, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:about 30 minutes
It was about 1:35 in the morning,and i wasspending the night at a friends house, wegot bored because there was nothing to do,so we went outside and were walking aroundtalking for about 10 Minutes and i look upand there is a very, very small light slowlycreeping along, so i told my friend, and hesaid its nothing, so thats when i thought,then it started getting bigger, and bigger,so i told told my friend again that it issomething, and not a star, then he looked atit again and said i was right it wasnt awe both kept walking, then it just all of ajust lit up very bright, and started movingin an oval pattern, then it lit up evenbrighter than before, stopped, and shot dimbeam of light from the underside. About thattime i said "Name deleted)), we better go, NOW!!"And the whole time we were running back hishouse it kept up with us, we sat in his roomand watched if for five more minutes beforeit just shot off at an unbelievable speednorth. and that was the last time either ofus ever saw it.