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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/24/1997 20:00 (Entered as : May 24, 1997 approx. 20:00)
Reported: 6/27/1997 07:15
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Lake Tahoe (near), CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:20-30 min
Summary : A "formation" of very bright lights passing very slowly and silently overhead. Must have been enormous. Biggest and most unusual thing I have ever seen.

I am writing about a "phenomenon" that I witnessed that was unlike anything I've ever seenbefore, so I guess it would fall under the description of a "UFO". As a scientist with areasonable understanding of astronomy and meteorology, and with an equally good knowledgeof aircraft (both military and civilian), I can safely say that what my colleague and I witnessedwas something that I'm sure would not fall into most of the easily explainable categories. On aclear night during the Memorial Day weekend (24th of May), I saw something that lookedabsolutely enormous moving across the sky in a westerly direction. Since all I could see werethe lights to this thing (very bright white lights), I couldn't make out the shape precisely.What was even more puzzling was that the lights seemed to move, ever so slightly, withrespect to each other, but it was definitely not a "formation" of any kind of aircraft like I hadever seen. Although I couldn't guage the exact size of the object since I didn't know whataltitude it was at (although I would guess it was pretty high), it appeared to be bigger thananything I've ever seen flying before, maybe several times the size of a jumbo jet. There wasabsolutely no noise and it seemed to be moving very slowly. We were on a little stretch ofroad between Lake Tahoe and Interstate 80 and there were a lot of stars out, so I'd be reallysurprized if others in the Lake Tahoe area didn't spot these strange lights, also. Have youreceived any reports of sightings like this in this part of the country? Because of my job, I amhesitant to "go public" with this kind of information, so I would appreciate it if you didn'tpublish my name or email address. Please let me know if anyone is aware of any really strangemilitary exercises going on in this area.