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Occurred : 5/14/1997 11:40 (Entered as : 05/14/97 11:40am)
Reported: 5/15/1997 10:49
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: San Jose (on the West side), CA
Shape: circle
Duration:3 minutes
Summary : I saw a round object in the sky slowingmoving to the SE. It was below the cloudsand left no vapor tail.

I saw the object on the way to apartmentto take a nap. I could have watch it formuch longer but I was on my lunch break anddidn't want to take the time. I mighthave forgotten about it but as I was restingand thinking about something else I gota flash of the object in my mind. I guessthat this might be a telepathic impressionor somekind. That's all, it wasn't verydramatic.I've seen the videos of Mexican UFOs andit looked a like the simple sphericalcraft.It wasn't very big about the size of a planein the sky. Just no wings.Robert