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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/19/1997 22:00
Reported: 4/22/1997 18:17
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Suisun (North S.F. Bay Area), CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:30-45 min
Summary : Hwy12 & 113,8 mi.SE of TravisAFB./Color-bright,shimmering,"traffic light"green/Elev.-2k'/Char.-Silent,mutate frm- rnd(dime) to lg (silv.$),stretchout in lngth ($bill), 2,back to rnd, fade sml(pin pt),strt over

Tom and Mary noticed this lightshow while traveling East onHighway 12 toward Rio Vista.They stoped where Highway 113T's into Highway 12 from aNortherly direction. 3 othervehicles were pulled over alsoobserving the phenomenon. Noneof the witnesses talked witheachother so no information wasexchanged. Tom and Mary calledthe local paper, the DailyRepublic and a small articlewas written.No other witnesses have beenfound yet, however, CharlieGoodyear whom wrote the articlefor D.R. stated that he hadtalked to a Capt. Robert Kirbyat Travis. In his article hestates, "Officials at TravisAir Force Base did get onephone call around 10:30 p.m.Saturday from an unidentifiedwoman reporting a mysteriouslight in the sky. But airtraffic controllers and basepersonnel noticed nothingunusual, Capt. Robert Kirbysaid." When I interviewed Tomhe stated, "They couldn't havemissed it if they were evenlooking out the window! Theywould have needed sunglasses!"Charlie Goodyear checked withlocal police and sheriff'sdept. and found there were noreportings of the anamoly. Ichecked with the local firemarshall whom is in charge of,and lives in, the range landswhere the incident occured. Hestated he was not aware of theoccurance or anyone reportingit, but would call me if heheard anything.According to the witness'sdescriptions, this light didnot move across the sky and didnot seem to originate from aphysical object, but simplyexisted as its own source withno density. No noise could beheard and it did not travel ormove from its active location.It would however, shift andtransform from being round(size of dime), then enlargingto round (silver dollar), thenwould stretch out "like gum" inlength (dollar bill), thenseparating into two. Then itwould come back together like around dime and would then fadeout to size of a pinpoint, likea TV tuner turned off. Then itwould come back repeating theprocess. Witnesses stated thisprocess repeated about 6 times.One time upon separation, thetwo lights moved diagonally toeach other, like a "chevron"with 2 strips, shimmering likea reflection on water.Eventually when fadeing itnever came back. While cloudswere scattered through the skysthe area where the lights wereshowing contained none. Tomstated he frequents through thearea quite often and is awareof regular air traffic due tothe AFB, however during thislight show no air traffic wasnoticed what so ever.The witnesses were interviewedtogether by phone. Tom is 52,and is a grocer's clerk. Maryis 50 and is a purchaser for anintercom company. Both areinterested in spiritual/psychictype information, but do notkeep up with latest gossip orhappenings in that regard.Mary stated she did not read orwatch the news reports, andthat as she did not even knowabout the comet, until sheasked Tom one night what shewas seeing in the sky. Bothhave had a light interest inUFO's but again do not keep upwith latest gossip etc...Together through the interview,they seemed to mutually agreeupon their story, as theyshared enthusiasm andexcitement about it. Neitherwould speculate as to what itwas they saw, except that theyboth 'felt' it was not aterrestial source orphenomenon. Both did not feelfrightened by the expierienceand talked about it as apositive expierience. Therewere no physical effectsreported. Witnesses reportedaprox. 5 vehicles passed onHighway 12 during theirstationary 5 miniute viewing.They found it strange that thevehicles passed as withoutnotice of the event. As ifobservation was limited only tothose who were there initially.The area in which this occuredis a rural area, consisting ofplains type terrain, coveringover 2000 sq miles. Populationwithin the sighting area issparse, probably 1 ranch forevery 2 sq miles. Communitiesclose enough to have possiblywitnessed the light show wereBirdslanding, Rio Vista, Dixon,and possibly eastern Fairfieldand Suisun. All aresurrounding the proximitywithin 15 miles. Birdslandingis the closest within 5 miles.Attempts were made to locateaddtional witnesses with nosuccess. Contact was madeeither in person or by leavinga note, with ranches in theimmediate vicinity of thesighting location.Birdslanding, a rural communityof ranches, is directly acrossHighway 12, may containwitnesses. Many events of thisnature, in the past, have beenreported in the Birdslandingarea. I made contact with thepostmaster for this area andgave her cards with a requestfor contact if she heardanything. She readily agreed.I went out to view the site andcheck for any natural sourceswhich may explain this event. Idid so on 4/21 at 23:00 to gainperspective with a similarnight environment. It wasobserved that radio towersexisted aprox. 15 miles NE ofthe sighting area. Thesetransmission towers are highand thin. 2 of them had lightswhich were greenish and wouldflash on and off. Both towerswere aprox. 3 miles apart andwould alternatly do this in aregular sequence. Whileconsidering this as a possiblesource it was eliminated whilereinacting their viewpoint.The towers were to far off inan easterly direction and theirproximity to the horizon couldnever have contributed to thesize and altitude of the event.Additionaly the descriptionwhich was given did not matchthe constant sequence in whichthese towers flashed.Daytime observation of the areawas also made. No otherpotential sources were noted.Witnesses will provide markerdrawings in a followupinterview in two weeks. Thisalong with any further datagathered will be forwarded atthat time.