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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/1/1978 20:30
Reported: 4/20/1997 15:58
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Dundee (5 miles east of), FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20-30 seconds
Summary : My sister and I were takeing the garbage cansup the driveway one summer night. Three white glowing ojects in triangular formation flew overus. Their angular size was slightly larger thanan US quarter held at arm's length.

It should be noted that the date I gave above could be up to 2 months inaccurate since it wasquite a while ago.I am presently a mechanical engineering student.So far I haven't come across anything in my studies which would explain what I saw, except the slight posibility of ball lightening.I first spotted the objects when they were approximately35 degrees above the southwestern horizon. The flew nearly overhead toward the northeast. They had an angular sizesomewhat larger than a quarter, there was no wayto tell the actual size. I got the impression that they were distant because I couldn't discern any surface details.Their shape was most likely spherical, since the shape of their profile remained roughly spherical for the duration of the time I saw it.There were three of them, each on the vertex of anequilateral triangle with sides about twice as longas the diameter of the objects. They glowed almostpure white with just a touch of bluish-purple. Theymade a soft very high pitched sound like anultrasonic cleaner used for cleaning draftingpens. I didn't notice any thermal radiation.Our horses which were in the front pasture werespooked by them as were my sister and I. (I wasabout 10 or 11 and my sister 4 years younger)I was facinated by them, but frightened to thepoint that I couldn't move for about 20 seconds.When I did move I ran home.If I had to guess their actual size, I'd saythey were 20 to 50 meters in diameter. Theiris the possibility that they exerted a force onme, but that was most likely my stomach jumpingin excitement.If I have the time and skill, I'll try to emaila drawing of what I saw.