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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/20/1997 04:28
Reported: 4/20/1997 14:33
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Greentown, IN
Shape: Formation
Duration:20 mins
Summary : 4 UFO's spotted, In Northwest Sky, near the Big Dipper constellation. They all moved in roughly the same direction.(N-NE)

The objects,from our point of view, appeared to be no more than balls of light, they were up at a high altitude possibly.No noise accompanied their fly-by, and as theyflew by, they dimmed in and out before dimmingfor the last time. This final dimming occurred before the objects reached the horizon.(04:28)The object crossed south to north in awobbling fashion. It passed by two stars, nearthe big dipper(I'm in the process of findingthe specific stars)(4:31)Two objects moved NE on a possiblecollision course before the objects passedeach other, turned on a dime, and headed Northon parallel courses to the horizon.(4:49)One object moved across the sky(about90above horizon) heading SW to NE, and it took ita minute to cross the sky.horizonobjects moved(Heading NE) as if they were on acollision course, then they passed each other,turned on a dime, then headed North in parallel courses. The last sighting(4:28)First sighting