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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/1/1996 18:00
Reported: 3/22/1997 20:04
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Concord, MA
Shape: Disk
Summary : Large saucer spotted hovering above trees.

I am not sure of the exact date or time.It was either August or Sept. of last year.My sister, Paula, and I were on Route 2 in Concord, heading East toward Boston after afishing trip. It was dusk. As we neared afield, I saw a large saucer, grey with alarge white highly luminescent dome on top.There were what appeared to be portholes or windows around it. My sister was not paying attention as we sped past it but I started yelling 'Oh my God! Look over the trees! Seeit? See it?' She said she saw a very bright object in the sky but could not quite make itout. By the time she looked up it was pretty much obscured. I turned the car around as soon as I hada chance to get another look, but it was no longer there.I have also seen instances of bizarre lights in the sky which appear to be above the clouds, and they make really odd formations. At first I thought they were searchlights that stores and discos usesometime, but the stream of light coming down from the sky that usually tells youthese are earth-based lights were notpresent. The formations these lights created could not have been made by aircraft.There were usually four to five lights.At some point, they would all convert together to create a single point of light and thensplit up again. I saw these on numerous occaisions when heading east on Route 2 nearConcord, MA, going toward Boston last year.On one occaision, my sister Paula also saw these.It is interesting to note, I guess, that Hanscom AFB is off Route 2 (actually, it's on2A), in Bedford, MA, which is just north ofConcord. I believe Dover AFB in NH is closeby as well.What took me so long to report these incidents? I did not know who to go to. I did not want to contact Hanscom for fear ofridicule. Thank you for your time, and if you wish, you may call me evenings (eastern time)