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Occurred : 5/27/1997 11:33
Reported: 3/3/1997 00:25
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: ,
Shape: Rectangle
[Diary of my Encounters This is the story I have known since 1979. In 1979 I was holiday ing at a place called Berowra waters on the South coast near Sussex Inlet with five friends' one of whose father owned the caravan park where we stayed.This caravan park is on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean and we would go to the beach everyday and spend most of the day their swimming, surfing and sunbaking.On this particular day I was standing on the shore with my friends father and mother who owned the caravan park when we looked towards the water facing south-east on a clear hot day( no clouds) and observed a black metallic mass that looked similar to an aircraft carrier on its side (approx length 1500ft long-200-400ft across) and slowly moving towards a cliff face which eventually hid most of the object but not before we discussed what it was and how something that big could stay airbo rne when it was apparently moving so slowly and not making a sound.The object was approx: less than three miles away travelling at two to five miles an hour and started to slowly move in a westerly direction over land, it seemed to take so long to move out of view that other people on the beach had by this time noticed what we were looking at and started to point in the air and their was approx ten to twenty people who saw the same thing up and down the beach.As owner of the caravan park numerous people asked them what it was and they responded that they didn’t know, only that their was a Navy facility further down the coast, and Airforce Base at Nowra (ALBATROSS)The object (and it was a metal object)stayed in view for over half an hour from the time we first noticed it until it was lost behind the cliff face. We then proceed to climb the cliff to see if it could still be seen and their it was hovering for a considerable amount of time until a helicopter & jet could be heard in the vicinity, and it slowly moved away, but not taking any notice of either helicopter or jet.In the meantime the southcoast radio station had been inundated with phone calls about strange bright white craft (and they did say craft, I was listening to the broadcast to see if anyone had reported what we had seen earlier) people described the objects, and up to ten were seen, as flying up and down the coast in pairs and one at a time, out to sea, and close to land, as being as bright as the sun, and reflecting the sun, and travelling very fast and occasionally turning back towards the way they had come. When I heard this I remember thinking that this was not what we had seen as the objects were to small, (the size of a houses I seem to remember) not the size of an aircraft carrier as we had seen a few hours earlier. The reports on the radio were the same day, only hours apart from our encounter.My impression was that this was a controlled event as this was winter holidays and the weather was so beautiful that thousands of people were at the beaches up and down the coast, the two people who were with me, and, owned the caravan park were well known in the area ,he was on the local council and had lived in the area all of there lives, and even had a street named after them, and were very honest and humble people who had never seen anything like it in their life, they were also aware of the military bases locally and had seen experimental aircraft before fly over the region, including Jets. I was seventeen at the time I am now thirty five and this was a very close sighting of a very immense object that moved extremely slow and showed no signs of external movement, but it had what appeared to be rivets or welding on the bottom on the side which faced us.At the time I really thought that this was not anything which had been manufactured in Australia and never once thought this was from outer space, now I’m not so sure.Conclusion : Large black mass the size of an aircraft carrier: Moved slowly without sound: Stayed in view for a considerable amount of time: Was seen by numerous people: Weather was hot and cloudless: Other objects were also seen: Radio station reported strange craft seen up and down the coast: Object and smaller objects made of solid material: Reported to authorities: Was highly unusual

The Next time (also 1979)In the same year a few friends of mine decided to go to a lookout near Baulkham Hills in the west of Sydney which was about to become a new suburb, the time was approximately 7.00 - 8.30 PM in summer, (daylight saving ) late November and was a clear night with no clouds, we had been their for a short time when I noticed three circular bright red lights moving south (coming from a northerly direction) in a controlled movement, they were approximately less than five miles away and at that distance appeared to be quite large, about the size of a average house and were moving in a orderly fashion and in no hurry, they were moving in a triangular motion, travelling about 3-10 miles an hour.They did no abrupt moves and stayed in the same formation for a long time (20-30min) before they seemed to reach a point near Prospect Reservoir, and one dived towards the ground at a tremendous speed, one left skyward at high speed, and the other one just seemed to dissolve into the night. We turned the radio on and 2WS, which is a local radio station reported that they had received phone calls from people asking what the lights could be.I asked one of my friends who was there, recently, did he remember that particular night and he described the exact things I have just explained, and he said that they seemed to be under some kind of control and maybe connected to each other as they did a peculiar pattern as they moved across the sky, but the same pattern right across the sky.Conclusion : Three Bright Red Lights with some kind of shape (circular): In a fixed formation (triangular): Seen by five people for a period of at least 20 min: Was reported on the radio by others, independent people: Disappeared within seconds of each other: Cloudless viewing.Eleven Years Later (1990)I had just returned from Florida, in the States, earlier in the year and had recently lost my job and found myself with time on my hands so I decided to be involved in this new craze which was sweeping the globe 3D images.I managed to find a job in the city (Sydney, Australia) and was working selling 3D posters at Central Railway Station, literally. This was around Christmas 1990 and they were very popular, on this particular day which was a Monday I was just about to go to lunch when a rather tall gentleman of about 6ft 10in, tall, and with large features, long White hair and looking very much like an American Indian, remarked to me that his friend thought that the brain was similar to a 3D image and the universal acceptance of these images had some kind of lost meaning which we were about to grasp again after a very long time.He then brought up the subject of his friend who had worked for NASA as a photographer and had a very high clearance in the military and had been asked to photograph the inside and outside of a Circular craft which had somehow come into the possession of NASA. He told me in no uncertain terms that his friend took photos of the objects door and as he moved inside and looked back towards the outside that the door was now twenty to thirty feet higher and the inside was of immense size, yet from the outside the door and craft were rather small, he also me about the underground nuclear test explosion which was apparently detonated to contain alien forces who had Killed up to 25 scientists and 44 military elite who had complained of human abductions, we had talked so long that I missed my lunch break, and I was working 12 hour days so what he had been telling me had taken nearly one hour, a friend of mine who had come into to see me stood their for the whole time and told me after!wards that what he had just said was really over the top but very interesting.The next day a Tuesday I was sitting in the top floor of a double decker train at 6.30 in the morning on my way to work, the train had just left Strathfield station when I noticed in the distance, a shape like a plane that seemed to be banking towards the train, I was looking for markings and wings as I thought it was a plane making a turn towards the airport when it suddenly approached parallel to the train and proceeded to pace the train.Most people who were on the train were asleep and I had an urge to wake them and say look out the window at this silvery disk shaped object which had by now slowed considerably and was now only one mile away and slowing down as we slowed down as we approached the next stop, the train had just slowed down for track maintenance when I noticed a tower between the object and the train, by the time we passed the tower which was about thirty feet across, the object had disappeared from view, as if someone had turned a switch and the object had just disappearedConclusion : Strange encounter with person with Indian like appearance: Told me about something which I had heard years earlier underground: Observed a craft of no known origin the next day: Had seen it disappear before my eyes on a clear day: Was definitely metallic and polished silver - reflected the early morning sunlight: Had no markings whatsoever: No exhaust or smoke at all: Was seen for 10-15 minIn early (1993)Near the middle of April I was at a friends place in Blacktown ( 25 miles West of Sydney) we had just been outside and had seen a bright red object shining in a westerly direction at a very high altitude and not doing the normal flight you would expect from any aircraft, this lasted about five minutes before we lost it behind a tree, there were three of us, at about one hour after this I decided to go home, the time was about 10-11 PM.I lived about three miles away and on the way home had a Incredible encounter with multiple craft over Blacktown (where I live) it started when I reached the top of a hill on Locke St and was stopped at a set of traffic lights and noticed directly ahead less than a mile away a Huge Object, and smaller craft above the main one, the lights changed and I proceeded down the hill past the local hospital, and as I rounded the corner I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, their above the road less than five -hundred feet away I saw two objects- One, the bigger of the two had lights of different shades and colours which moved around the base and middle in a fast movement so that the lights seemed to catch up with each other and I could see what seemed to be railings inside the craft, the lights which were luminous colours-Green-washed in purples and yellows with a touch of Blue. There seemed to be a bright light coming from inside the large object.The object above the larger one had to be large also but wasn’t doing anything other than sitting above the other one, I slowed down at another set of lights and saw a elderly gentleman who was walking along the footpath and I was going to wind down my window and ask him to look up at the Objects but thought he might have a heart attack so I didn’t say anything, while I was waiting for the lights to change they started to slowly move away over the hospital and I thought to myself that I was going to chase them ( the objects) at that very second as if they had heard what I had thought they accelerated to a brisk pace and I turned around and started to chase them, as I drove up the hill and turned east down Bungarribee Rd I stopped my car which overlooked a disused quarry and got out I notice two more objects hovering above my head at no more than 200ft above me, I then looked East and about half a mile away noticed another two cigar shaped objects the same as the ones above my!head, I then looked to the south and saw another object similar to the one above the large object that I was chasing and saw the two craft I was chasing moving at a slow speed in a south-easterly direction, in the direction of Bankstown Airport about fifteen miles away.While I was watching them both move away the two above me were still there not moving at all, I was out of the car and could almost touch them, they made no sound and seemed to just hover without any wobbling or movement, I continued to watch all seven objects for the next hour or so until the first two disappeared in the vicinity of Sydney and seemed to be moving in a large arc around the panoramic view I had (that is moving from south to east to nth east before I lost sight of them) I then noticed that the two smaller cigar shaped objects to the east had come down a bit lower and were near a radio tower 2WS and soon they too had mysteriously vanished, the objects above my head had begun to move away slowly and I saw that they were staying close together and moved slowly towards the horizon until they too had disappeared.I decided to go home and ring up the airport where I had seen the original two craft head towards, when I arrived home I had to move my mothers car under the carport, but, when I tried to start the car it wouldn’t start, I finally gave up and got out of the car and looked up at the sky and the first craft I had seen with the revolving lights was directly above our house and was moving very slowly south back towards the location that I had first seen it, It was the same craft except I now had a better look at the whole Object, It was Large about 200ft in diameter and when I looked up was moving quite slowly almost as if it was waiting for something to catch it up. It then moved out of site and I went inside and rang up the airport who rang me three days later and asked me what I had seen and told me to ring the Airforce base at Richmond which I did and the person I talked to said that they had heard nothing about what I had just described.I left a message for my mother that her car wouldn’t start and she rang the NRMA which is road service in New South Wales and when he turned up the car wouldn’t start straight away and he said that it was a flat battery even though it was a new battery and the car had been driven less than four hours earlier that night.Conclusion : Seven Objects seen in the space of a few hundred feet from each other: Coloured Lights seen emitting from around the Largest Object: Objects seen to Hover from a close distance: Seemed to hear what I was thinking: Some kind of railing seen inside large object: Bright White Light seen emitting from inside: Travelled right around the Metropolitan area: Somehow drained the power from the battery of car: Seen directly over my house so object had to of flown in a 360 deg arc around Sydney and surrounding areas: I had chased the first two objects which had been hovering over road near the HospitalBedroom Visitors 1994I had just arrived home from a friends place and was lying on the bed looking at the ceiling and looking out the window at the stars when I felt a sharp pain like a pin being stuck in my toes, the first thing I thought was that a white tailed spider had bitten me as there was an increase in these type of spiders around the house at the time.I felt like I was frozen and wanted to yell out but didn’t want to disturb my mother who was asleep in the other room, I was wide awake and had only just put my head on the pillow seconds earlier thinking about tomorrow and things I had to do, when I felt the presence in my room and sounds from the foot of my bed, I couldn’t see anything, and I still couldn’t move at all and it was then that I felt hands around my feet where the pin prick had been and I could only lift my head slightly and I saw five small figures looking at me at the foot of the bed (they had came out of my wardrobe) and I could see that the wall where the wardrobe was now different and looked like the inside of a giant hanger which went back into the wall a considerable distance.There were two small entities standing at the end of my bed and one had stuck me with a needle in the toe and one was holding my ankle and examining my ankle area, while this was happening I thought that I hope my mother in the next room doesn’t wake up and disturbs these entities as they might panic and hurt her, or she might panic and something bad might happen to her, then what seemed like a few seconds I noticed three more figures coming out of the wardrobe and stand at the foot of the bed and proceeded to stick something in my leg, I started to feel able to move again, only slightly and lifted my head off the pillow and saw right into their faces and they looked back with curious looks on their faces but never stopped doing whatever they were doing but they knew I was looking straight at them and I was wide awake.They were not trying to intentionally hurt me and I felt no fear and I could remember everything that they were doing and I was aware of being awake and this was not a dream, I tried to communicate with them, I couldn’t talk, as no sounds came from my mouth, but I could hear my voice from deep down from within.They were quite solid, long arms but not abnormal, smallish heads not extremely large, more like small children feeling around, playing, around 3-4ft tall, dark greyish in appearance with lizard like scales, and the skin seemed the same colour throughout the body as far as I could see, and I could see just below their knees, they had a almost sad look about them and there was definitely some kind of rank as one or two ordered the others around, not with words or telepathy but they just seemed to obey without answering, and these other two stayed in the background moving around the room and observing, occasionally looking over to see what was happening.They still had hold of my ankle and reminded me of well trained doctors with nurses helping them, this was a real event, on one occasion one stepped back into the wardrobe to retrieve something and came back with it in its hand and I noticed that it had three large type fingers that seemed to be too large to do anything intricate yet here they were doing things to me with the skill of a surgeon, I felt no pain except for the initial discomfort of a pinprick in my toe, I heard no voices only muffled sounds and yet I could tell that this wasn’t going to be a adverse experience.They wanted to look at my legs and feet and didn’t come near my face or touch any part of me except my toes and ankles, although they had direct contact with my eyes. They seemed to me to be quite aware of my feelings and as they continued they would look my way to see if I was in any discomfort and all looked when I thought of my mother, before they left I noticed they looked back at me as they went back into the wardrobe, one at a time, in a very orderly fashion, and the last thing before they vanished the wall came back to its original distance and the hanger like area which reminded me of inside a large ship gradually disappeared in a cloud like vapour.It was then that I felt the sensation of my foot and toe and I immediately jumped up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and could see that I was wide awake and when I checked the time it was less than three minutes since I had arrived home, which was impossible as I had made something to eat when I first arrived home.It was then when I heard my mother talk that I realised it was all over and I have since sold the wardrobe and painted the room and had a inbuilt wardrobe installed.Later in the week I went to a friend who has a paranormal interest and he took out of my toe a small black object that wasas hard as a needle and was giving me quite a bit of pain.Conclusion : Five Entities in my bedroom: A small metal as hard as a needle was found in my toe: I was wide awake the whole time: There was eye contact and concern on their part: I saw a kind of entrance to another dimension: Some type of medical procedure had happened: Two entities in charge of procedures: Grey in appearance with skin that was like a mold: They knew what to do and had me paralysed from the neck down.: They also had a sad look- the kind of look when you say goodbye to someone you have feelings for

Early (1996)I had just came home and was going inside to get my telescope to look at Jupiter and the Moon when I looked west and saw a fast moving object which I thought was a white aeroplane that looked like a wireframe, until I saw a smaller object either come out of the original object or came up alongside and seemed to refuel while all the time the other object was moving at a incredible speed. They stayed together for approximately 15 seconds which was a long time considering it travelled across the horizon and out of sight in that time.I rang Bankstown Airport and they told me to ring Richmond Airforce Base which I immediately did and was put through to the officer in charge of aircraft dispatches who told me that no planes would refuel over residential areas Ever and especially not at night. I know what I saw and that was a low, very high speed object with a smaller object that was seen to pace and be refuelled in mid air at about 11PM at night earlier this year 1996.Conclusion : High speed Object wireframe in appearance: Smaller Object seen to pace and be refuelled by larger object: In view for a short amount of time: Incredible speeds for both craft: Large Craft was white in appearance: Smaller Craft seemed to be see through.JUNE LONG WEEKEND (9/6/96)Sun: Time: 9.25-9.55This happened on Sun long weekend of June this year I had just dropped Lloyd who is a friend of mine at his place and he was taking his things inside when I noticed three orange/red/yellow lights pulsating and slowly moving high in the sky above Blacktown. They were in a large Triangular shape from three to five files apart, the top light of the triangle stayed in a constant spot as did the bottom left light, the light on the bottom right though moved away and pulsated in and out and disappeared on occasions and then reappeared slowly moving away from the other two until it completely disappeared from view. The other two started to slowly move away with the bottom left light going higher and the top light moving across and over the bottom light, moving east and moving very slowly, the other light moved away at the same speed going north-east and very slowly. We decided to ring a few friends who have cameras and videos and after a good half hour with the objects still in sight !I decided to go home as it was getting quite cold. We were looking through high powered binoculars and their appeared to be a solid object behind the light. As I drove home which is about two miles away I could see the remaining lights from the car quite clearly and thought that when I arrive home I would have a look through the telescope. When I arrived at my house both objects could still be seen very easily by the naked eye and through the telescope I could see that their was a light in the centre of the mass which was causing the brightness, I watched both for a considerable time until the light that was moving slowly to the north-east had stopped and had taken on the appearance of a star and was now acting as though it was stationary so I turned my attention to the other light which was now over the Windsor area travelling north-west but was still in sight for a considerable time before it was just a blur and by which time it was icy cold, I turned the telescope again to!wards the first light and it was just sitting there stationary as a star would look, I then went to bed and when I went to work the next day I asked Lloyd if they took any pictures and he proceeded to tell me what happened later that night in front of at least seven people.After I left his friends turned up but the objects had been gone for a while before they turned up, so they went to another friends place just around the corner and this is three different accounts of what happened next starting with: