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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/20/1996 22:30
Reported: 12/4/1996 12:22
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: North Port, FL
Duration:8 min.
A man was outside his home for a last smoke and to walk his dog, before going to bed.

He looked at the night sky to the southwest, because that is the direction where there is no treeline, and he suddenly noticed a light, which at first he thought might be a star, although it appeared to him to be rather large to be a star.

When he looked back at a a couple of minutes later, it was now larger than a full moon! Also, it appeared to be getting closer to him, and was lower to the horizon, he thought.

Then he realized that it had become two distinct lights, both bright white. At this point, he summoned his wife, who also saw the object as it passed directly overhead. they both agreed it was less that 500 feet above them.

It was not a helicopter, and it was too slow for an aircraft. The two lights were on the bottom, and they were glowing. They could see an outline of the object as it passed overhead, and it appeared to be "pie-shaped."

They both heard a really low hum as the object passed overhead very slowly. The object suddenly disappeared approximately 2 seconds after it had passed overhead.

The caller added that he and his wife have three cats, one of which is an "outside" cat, and two that are "indoor" cats. After the incident, all of the them were gone, and they did not return until approximately one week later.

Their dog, which normally is very eager to go outside, would not go outside for several days without coaxing from his owner. The dog, a pit bull (?) was apparently very upset for several days afterward. At 2315 hrs. that night, after the sighting, the dog started barking and snapping at the front door, and he would not go through that door for 4-5 days.