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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/23/1996 19:30
Reported: 11/24/1996 23:38
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: French Camp, CA
Duration:5 min.
I called the office to inquire whether they had taken any calls from individuals on the previous night regarding the big "wheel of lights" that had been reported to the hotline on the night before.

The switchboard operator asked Peter if he would like to talk to an individual who had seen the object. He said he would.

The female employee who had seen it was put on the line. She described how she had been driving to work on the night before, at about 1930 to 2000 hrs., she thought, driving westbound on Hammer Lane "off Highway 99."

She was looking straight west, ahead of her, and looking through "driver's window of the car," when she saw a large, round shaped object circling, or rotating in the sky. It was "going slowly over the area," she added, and it appeared to be moving to the west. It was in an area where there is a shopping center. When she got to I-5, the object was nowhere to be seen.

The object, from her vantage point, was bigger than a thumbnail at arm's length.

The sky was cloudy that night, and she thought she was looking at the object through breaks in the clouds.