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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/25/1996 20:00
Reported: 11/26/1996 10:58
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Monterey, CA
Duration:4 min.
Man called to say that he had had an urge to return to the same place, where he and his daughter had had a sighting on 26OC96.

He was talking on his cellular telephone with a MUFON investigator (Los Gatos, CA), when he witnessed a formation of three cylinder-shaped objects, in a triangular formation, fly directly over his head, and then split and fly in 3 different directions.

The observer described this sighting in detail to the MUFON investigator over his cellular telephone at the time it was taking place.

Approximately 3 minutes later, he witnessed eight more identical objects, described to be cigar-shaped and distinctly orange in color, streak overhead.

The MUFON investigator recommended the caller get off the telephone, call someone else, and have a second observer come to the sight to see what he was observing.

The observer called his wife, who arrived at the cemetary where the observer had seen the first two groups of objects. They stood for an hour longer, but saw only one other object, that reportedly went overhead to the west into Monterey Bay. The shape of this oject was not discernible to them.