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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/8/1995 19:00
Reported: 11/8/1995 16:20
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Pilot Rock, OR
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hr.
Two brothers were returning to Pendleton, OR, and Dixie, WA, after hunting in Oregon. Upon approaching Pilot Rock, OR, the brother driving the lead vehicle, a Suzuki (Samurai?) noticed a peculiar cluster of blue-white colored round lights, positioned in a square or rectangular pattern, ahead. He called his brother on CB radio (Ch. 4) to ask is he saw it, and the brother answered that he certainly did. The lights disappeared from sight, then reappeared on the other side of the road. They passed through Pilot Rock, and the object became visible again as they were leaving that town. The object had the same appearance as it had had before they arrived at Pilot Rock, and it stayed with them (according to their conscious recollection, for another 30 minutes.

The brothers made several interesting observations at the time of the incident. Most interesting was the fact that even though they were talking over a CB channel that traditionally is used very heavily by loggers, and other users in that area of Oregon (Ch. 4), they heard no other users during the entire experience! Also, they saw no other traffic on their side of the highway,. even though they remember seeing oncoming traffic in the other lane.

When they got home, they topped off the fuel tanks in their trucks. Craig's vehicle indicated that he had driven 98.7 miles from deer camp, where both he and his brother had filled their vehicles' fuel tanks from fuel cans. When they got to Pendleton, his vehicle, which was getting about 25 miles per gallon, took less than 2 gallons of fuel!

Craig had spent 9 years in the military, during which time, he said, he had seen many different types of weapons used. This aerial event, or object, was like nothing he had ever seen before, he said.