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Dec 1886 Letter to Scientific American
July 1908 Three Letters to the Times of London


The year 2003 marks the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of USAF 1st Lt. Felix E. Moncla, Jr., who, together with his fellow crew member, 2nd Lt. Robert L. Wilson, disappeared over Lake Superior on November 23, 1953, while pursuing in their F-89C "Scorpion" a UFO which was seen on radar. Radar data at the time of the incident suggested to witnesses involved in the pursuit that the object being pursued by Lts. Moncla and Wilson had suddenly reversed its course, approached the aircraft, and "merged" with it.  For full details on this historic case, continue here...




One evening in 1974, during the first week of September, two friends were sitting on a roof when they observed the triangle depicted in the animation to the right.  There were trails coming off the back two points of the triangle, and it appeared to be about as high in the sky as a jetliner.   Full report




A witness who recalled seeing a bright silver disc flying alongside Concorde 23 years ago supplied the diagram to the left to show the direction of travel and position of the disc.  Full Report